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Best Tips for Persuasive Essay Writing

Imagine a scenario where you're assigned to write an essay on a particular subject as your homework or part of your college project. Once you sit down to write, you realize it is a far more arduous task than expected.

Of course, you can get it over with by stringing words together that make enough sense for the reader not to have any objections. But to write a persuasive and attractive piece of writing, you need to have a proper grip on the subject matter. This feat requires detailed research and choice of the right words to keep your reader interested while getting your point across.

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Tips to Write a Persuasive Essay:

Suppose you're hesitant to buy persuasive essay writing services but still want to improve your next project significantly. In that case, we have these simple tricks and tips to make your coming writing endeavor much easier and attractive. Here they are:

Choose the topic you’re most interested in:

You won't always have the choice of choosing a subject for your essay. But if you do, make sure you're choosing one that resonates with your interests. You can be the most persuasive in your writing when you believe in what you're saying wholeheartedly. However, having an interest in the topic will not bar you from doing additional research, but it will allow you to draft your defense in a much more composed way.

Knowing your audience is a huge plus:

Before you convince your reader of your views, it is important to know who you're addressing in your writing. For example, if you're drafting an essay on the taxation review on agricultural products, your audience is very likely to be farmers and landowners. By knowing this, you will keep the interests in mind of that specific group of people.

Research both sides of the story:

A persuasive writer doesn't stuff their opinion down the reader's throat. Such practice is most likely to make them uninterested or even offended in some cases. Rather, you need to know both sides of the story and make your point in an inoffensive yet logical manner. You can use valid counterpoints to effectively answer their doubts and build a solid ground for your thesis.

Show compassion:

Readers are most likely to stay interested in your writings if you show empathy and compassion for their views. Stating relatable examples, sharing experiences, and appealing to the writer's emotions are some of the best practices that should make your essay a lot more persuasive.

Be passionate and enthusiastic:

To be a persuasive writer, you need to articulate your essay with enthusiasm and passion, or your reader might get bored. You won't be able to persuade a bored reader even to read your article, let alone give them enough food for thought to change their existing views.

You have to remember that the more you'll stress your point with added agitation, your readers will likely show interest. However, ensure that you don't use unprofessional language or hurt anyone's emotions during the process.

Use hyperboles to be more convincing:

Hyperbole is a term used mainly in persuasive essay writing that exaggerates a certain event or a problem to make a mental image in the reader's mind. Note that it is a mere overemphasis on the statement and is not meant to be taken literally. For example, if you say, "that man is as tall as a pine tree." Although untrue, it creates a mental picture for the reader to understand that a certain man has an abnormal height.

Another example is the Gillette brand, as their marketing slogan goes like "The best a man can get." It is merely an advertising statement that uses hyperbole to instill a desire in men to purchase their product.


If properly integrated into your essay, the above-given tips will prove to be a major boost to the integrity and persuasiveness of your writing. If you're still skeptical, remember you can always buy persuasive essays to save you the hassle and get your task done professionally.

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