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Plagiarism is a big issue. It can cost you your grade. Essay writing assignment can turn out to be a nightmare for you if it is found to be plagiarized, you may be stamped as unethical as a result. It is that serious! Get our custom essays writing service on board and make your life easy. Our writers know what it takes to write a completely unique custom essay. So, leave it to them to avoid risk.

What exactly is plagiarism

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as your own. The copy paste function availability has worsened it further. Even if you have not picked the write-up or any part of it as it is from any online source, you can still be accused of presenting a plagiarized essay, if you have not done following:

a. Not mentioned the source of quote used in essay

b. Not accredited the researcher while using statistical data

c. Not mentioned all books and online sources used

d. Not cited the source of an excerpt

So, in many cases, plagiarism creeps in the work only due to oversight, or lack of time or knowledge of rules. It is not intentional all the time. The students not conversant with the crediting rules pay heavily for the crime that they are not even aware of having committed. Custom essays writing service can be your savior in such situation.

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Custom essays are written from the scratch solely on the order of the client at our essay writing service. It can save your career, to say the least. If your work is caught accused of plagiarism, you can be:

a. Failed in essay assignment which will mean failing the degree exam

b. Removed from the course

c. You can be asked to re-do; this happens to high school students

Our custom essays writing service hires the professional essay writers for writing your essays. They are well-versed with the rules of accrediting the origin/source/researcher/book, etc. as per the citation styles prevalent in the colleges and universities. Thus, put all your doubts pertaining to the uniqueness of essays to rest and enjoy good grades by buying custom essays at low price from our professional writing service.

Save time and your grace too!

If the worst is not destined to happen, you may be asked to redo the essay. It can be a complete waste of time, and you might be missing that party or may need calling absent at work. The latter can also cost you a day’s salary. So, getting it right at the first time is a necessity you cannot ignore. Our custom essays writing service can help you avoid penalty of all sorts and wasting of time as well! 

In addition to time and grades, and your reputation, we help you save lot of money too, by offering you loads of freebies as a part of essay writing order. You can get for free with every custom essay:

a. Free plagiarism report

b. Free bibliography and reference page

c. Free amendments, when required

d. Free title page and outline where you accredit the source or support you used

Every essay written at our custom essay writing service is made to pass through grammar checker, plagiarism checkers and is revised manually, too, before it is submitted to the student. Thus, we are sure of getting it correct the very first time. Still, if you feel like getting some revisions made, it would be our pleasure!

Easy way to avoid plagiarism

Yes, the easiest way to avoid plagiarism is here with us! All you need to do is follow these steps to come closer to a well-written, plagiarism-free custom essay:

a. Mention the subject and your level of study

b. Mention no. of pages or words required in essay

c. Type of custom essay required

d. Deadline (by when you need it)

e. Other information like sub topic or points of relevance

f. Click order

And just go to sleep! We will be taking it further from here and will come back to you within stipulated deadline with a classy essay truly custom written to fit your requirements. It is that easy at our custom essays writing service!

How we ensure perfectly written custom essay

Our system is 100% fool-proof with no place for confusion in it. To ensure that the best work is delivered each time:

a. We hire the highly qualified professionals who are native English writers too

b. We employ effective grammar check, quality check and anti-plagiarism tools 

c. We revise and revise till we are sure about the perfection of work

d. We respect deadlines despite the thoroughness in work

So, call our custom essays writing service representative or reach to us through email or website any time of the day, any day of the year for buying essays and avoid all risks of presenting plagiarized or low quality work to professor.

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