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Many people will only think about poetry and fiction when you mention creative writing to them. But there is so much to creative writing. The reason why you may not know many of them is because most writers develop skills and preferences in one form. At the same time, many readers read specific types of work. This may be a good thing because it enables one perfect the skills necessary for developing. However, it is always good to know that there is so much more to making creative content. It can help you grow in different areas, especially if you are interested in making creative writing your career.

Here, we shall be looking at the ten major types of creative writing. Perhaps you would like to try out some of them you haven’t yet.


This is the most common form of creative writing. As the name suggests, it is commonly found in the worlds of fiction and non-fiction writing where narration in the main form of presentation. There are different types of fiction stories, including flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and full-length novels. In fiction stories, the author must come up with characters, understand the setting, and develop themes that the reader will understand.

There are tons of genres to choose from. Those who do not have the imaginative skills to write good fiction, for instance, can take on true stories which are written first or secondhand based on true events and real-life people. They include essays, diaries, memoirs, speeches, and many similar works.

Human beings are seen to be natural storytellers. That is why many creative writing pieces are found in these genres. Storytelling is a vital skill. Whether you write poetry, speech, or any other style, you need these skills to develop your work.


Poetry is a form of art. It is a precious genre that provides humanity with the essential skills to be good composers. A poem is a piece of written work that carries hidden meaning. Unfortunately, many undermine the value of poetry.

Just like in fiction or informative writing, one needs to have great imaginations to create poetry. As an art, poems can take different forms, such as free poetry and prose poetry. Just like a single picture can carry a thousand words, poetry uses only words to draw a thousand pictures.


All great movies begin with creative ideas. They are then drafted into scripts that offer the guidelines for shooting. A TV script, for instance, is made in such a way that the reader sees the pictures being displayed within. Even without viewing the contents, the script should tell everything the reader is supposed to know.

However, scripts are for directors, not the writers. They are a medium through which the director guides and leads a movie or theatre crew. The same content can also reach the non-reading audience to give them a full story inside the video. Movie script writing is one of the best careers in creative writing. Some people have never acted yet their stories

Song lyrics

For many generations, songs have been used as an excellent tool for communication. Song lovers can dance to any tune as long as it is suitable for dancing. Songs and poetry have a very close connection. Many poetic pieces have been turned into songs. Composing song lyrics is, therefore, the same as writing poems. Anyone who can play a musical instrument can write a song.

To write a song, one needs a lot of motivation. It mostly comes from life experience, environment, and motivation from other people. It is an art of its own; this is why music runs the modern world. People have sung about almost everything in the world, and they continue doing so.


There has been for long a debate on what creative writing should be and what it should not be. One thing that comes out clear is that any writing can be called creative. Freewriting, therefore, features among the most common forms of creative writing. You don’t need any skills to do this. You take a notebook or an electronic document and start writing. With an open mind, you should experience words and images flowing through your account onto the writing material.


Journals are written logs. Creating, for instance, a gratitude or memory journal is not hard. You can even write goals journals. Journals are important forms of writing used by writers for their daily activities. They are also used to brainstorming and project planning for companies. Writing journals may seem easy, but it requires creative skills are well as knowledge of the writing realm. Creating a journal may take you more energy than you would have imagined. It takes learning and doing.


Communication is an important aspect of every society. But most importantly is the ability to communicate effectively. Letter writing is one of the skills many people tend to be forgotten today. It is a skill that is still very useful. You can write letters to the editor of a news publication and get your work published.


In most cases, essays are found in academic studies. But some essays carry personal meanings. For instance, descriptive essays and persuasive essays require a high level of creativity. Thus, they are categories as creative writing. Not all articles are creative, though.


Journalism comes in many forms. Some are creative, and others are not. Journalism was traditionally objective, reporting on facts, people, and events. Today, there are many opinions and narrative articles infused within. It offers an excellent way for creative writers to get noticed and appreciated.


A vignette is a brief description, account, or episode of something. They can be in the form of poems, stories, descriptions, personal reports, and anything else. The only difference is that they are extremely short from regular types of creative writing. Despite their sizecreative writing, writing them is not a walk in the park. It is a way of representing something in the fewest words possible; hence a lot of knowledge and skills are necessary. 


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