15 Top political science schools in the United States of America

Harvard University

Are you passionate about politics sciences? Wondering what the best schools are for studying Political Science in the USA? The answers to your questions! The good institute is an important choice that influences a person's future; we must waste time and evaluate many factors before definitively choosing the future school of Political Sciences.

On the internet, the rankings are in the hundreds, but it is necessary to know how to read them. All the rankings of the best schools of Political Sciences and are drawn up on the basis of very different criteria, and before taking one into consideration, it is good to study the criteria.

What are the most important criteria for you? Either it is the quality of education or open doors on the job market?

For each of these criteria, the rankings will indicate a different school, but which one is really the right choice? As a Political Science student, the only advice we can give is that, regardless of which university you choose, this will not be enough to ensure a bright future, how many more experiences you will have in parallel with the school will help you. The ranking of the best school in which to study political science places a four-year course in the ranking. The criteria used in the evaluation are two: the progression of the career of graduates at a certain school, and the international relations that it maintains with foreign universities.

Let's find out which are the best school for political science for the 2020-2019 academic year.

Here are the top 15 schools of political science in USA

1. Harvard University 

Admission Requirements: The Sat score should be between 1460 or undergraduates should have ACT from 32 to 35.

Single year tuition: $73,800-$78,200

Acceptance Rate: 5%

Duration: 4 years

Notable Alumni involved in politics

- Barack Obama 

- John F. Kennedy 

- Franklin D. Roosevelt 

2. Yale University

Admissions Requirements: Applicants should try to score on the SAT between 1460 and 1580 or between a 32 and 35 on the ACT.

Single-year tuition: $73,450

Acceptance Rate: 7%

Notable Alumni involved in politics

- George H.W. Bush— 41st US president

- George W. Bush -43rd US president

- Hillary Clinton- former secretary of state

- Bill Clinton- 42nd US president

3. Georgetown University

Admissions Requirements: The undergraduate should look to score between 30 and 34 on the ACT or between 1350 and 1520 on the SAT to get admission at Georgetown University.

Single-year tuition: $52,300 

Acceptance Rate: 16%

Notable Alumni involved in politics

- Bill Clinton— 42nd US president

- Richard Durbin 

- Kirstjen Nielsen

4. University of Pennsylvania

Admissions Requirements: The SAT score should be between 1420 and 1560 or between 32 and 35 on the ACT to get enrolled in the political science degree.

Single-year tuition: $71,715

Acceptance Rate: 9%

Notable Alumni involved in politics

- Donald Trump graduated in 1968 — 45th President of the United States

- Noam Chomsky— political historian

- Rod Rosenstein 

- Michael Avenatti 

- Ivanka Trump

5. Princeton University

Admissions Requirements: If you are interested in pursuing a career in political sciences or international relations, then you should look to score SAT score between 1430 and 1570 or 31 to 35 on the ACT. 

Single-year tuition: $51,870 

Acceptance Rate: 6%

Notable Alumni involved in politics:

- James Madison- 4th US President

- Woodrow Wilson— 28th US president

- Samuel Alito 

- Aaron Burr— vice president of the United States

- John Doar 

6.Columbia University

Admissions Requirements: Interested students should score on Sat between 1410 and 1570 or 31 to 34 on the ACT to get admission at Columbia University.

Acceptance Rate: 7%

Single-year tuition: $57,208

Notable Alumni involved in politics:

- Barack Obama graduated in 1983 — 44th US president

- Alexander Hamilton 

- John J 

- William Barr

- Eric Holder 

  7. Stanford University

Admissions Requirements: Applicants should score between 32 and 35 on the ACT or between 1390 and 1540 on the SAT. 

Single-year tuition: $50,703 

Acceptance Rate: 5% 

Notable Alumni involved in politics:

- Herbert Hoover— 31st US president

- Sandra Day O'Connor 

- William Rehnquist 

- Ron Wyden 

8. The University of Chicago

Admissions Requirements: Applicants are not required to submit ACT or SAT to get admission at the University of Chicago. If they do, they should look to score from 1480 to 1580 on SAT or 32 to 35 on the ACT.

Single-year tuition: $49,734

Acceptance Rate: 8%

 Notable Alumni involved in politics:

- William Lyon Mackenzie King— Canadian prime minister

- Bernie Sanders 

- Robert Bork 

- David Axelrod 

9. Duke University

Admissions Requirements: At Duke University, the student should aim to get the respective score- 1380 to 1540 on SAT or 31-35 on the ACT.

Single-year tuition: $53,744

Acceptance Rate: 10%

Notable Alumni involved in politics:

- Richard Nixon— 37th US president

- Ricardo Lagos— former president of Chile

- Rand Paul 

- Martin Dempsey 

10. Northwestern University

Admissions Requirements: Applicants should score between 32 to 34 on ACT or 1420 to 1560 on SAT.

Single-year tuition:  $52,239 

Acceptance Rate: 9%

Notable Alumni involved in politics:

- Stephen Colbert— political television personality

- George McGovern 

- Cody Keenan 

- Rod Blagojevich s

11. Dartmouth University's library

Admissions Requirements: The applicant should try to score between 1430 and 1560 on the SAT or 30 to 34 on the ACT.

Single-year tuition: $55,605 

Acceptance Rate: 10%

Notable alumni involved in politics: 

- Daniel Webster 

- Salmon P. Chase graduated 

- Nelson Rockefeller 

- Levi Woodbury 

12. Bowdoin College

Admissions Requirements: Prospective students should try to score 31 to 33 on the ACT or between 1360 and 1510 on the SAT. 

Single-year tuition: $55,822

Acceptance Rate: 14%

Notable Alumni involved in politics: 

- Franklin Pierce— 14th US president

- Harold Hitz Burton Joshua Paul H. Douglas graduated in — US senatorHarvard University, known as "the conscience of the US Senate."

- George J. Mitchell— US senator

- Thomas R. Pickering

13.Brown University

Admissions Requirements: Those hoping to attend Brown University will need to score between 31 and 35 on the ACT or 1400 and 1570 on the SAT.

Single-year tuition: $54,320 

Acceptance Rate: 8%

Notable alumni involved in politics: 

- John D. Rockefeller 

- Janet Yellen 

- Bobby Jindal 

  14.Rice University 

Admissions Requirements: Students interested in attending Rice University should try to score 33 to35 on the ACT or between 1490 and 1580 on the SAT. 

Single-year tuition: $48,330 

Acceptance Rate: 16%

Notable alumni involved in politics: 

- Annise Parker 

- Alberto Gonzalez 

- Fred Koch Pete Olson 

- John Kline

15.University of Michigan

Admissions Requirements: Applicants should score between 1330 and 1500 on SAT or 30-33 on the ACT.

Single-year tuition: $47,148

Acceptance Rate: 27%

Notable alumni involved in politics: 

- Gerald Ford graduated in 1935 — 38th US president 

- Valerie Jarrett 

- Tom Hayden 


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