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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, on February 6, 1911. When researching the lives and administration of the 40th president of the United States, the following are ten main facts. Ronald Reagan claims he has been grown up in a healthy nursery. His dad was a shoe dealer, so when he was five years old, his mother taught him how to learn. 


Throughout Ronald's childhood, the Reagan family traveled several times, but mainly through Illinois. The family of Reagan relocated to Dixon, Illinois, where Reagan went to Dixon High School at one point. 

He completed school and supported the household with some unusual jobs, and he also engaged extensively in many events outside the classroom. He was a swim team captain, an annual writer, the student body representative, a soccer team leader, a running team member, or a basketball cheerleading team member, for instance. 

Reagan held a combined degree in economics and sociology at the university. He earned his economic education, as well as his research of actions by sociology after he became interested in politics

Started his career as radio Broadcaster 

Reagan needed the film sector to be involved. But he tried jobs on several various radio stations after graduating from college in 1932. He was employed to show soccer games by the University of Iowa. 

Though at the University of Iowa, he did not do anything, many people recognized his ability. He was recruited to work as a professional advertiser by another radio station in Davenport. As an advertiser for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team, he soon found another job. 

Acting career 

In 1937, after a screen check for Warner Brothers Films, while acting with the Cubs, he was given a contract as an actor in B grade movies for seven years.

Part in the Army

In April 1937, Reagan was enrolled in Army Enrolled Reserve, and in May 1937, he was assigned to the Officers Reserve Corp. as Second Lieutenant. In April 1942, he had been mobilized to fight in the Second World War. During his operation, his acting career was taken hold. 

He was disqualified from working overseas because of his weak eyesight. During the war, he went to Culver City, California, to the First Motion Picture Company, where he helped to film and construct 400 Army Air Force training movies before he got relieved of duty in December 1945. 

Family life 

Regan first married actress Jane Wyman, and in 1949, Wyman sought a divorce notice. The explanation behind the divorce was his employment with the Screen Actors Guild. Their union ended in 1949 with the divorce. He was the first US president who was divorced. 

He worked with Nancy Davis in 1949, which approached him because her name was on the Hollywood communist blacklist. She was mistakenly blacklisted as there was another actress with the same name. In 1952 Nancy Davis married Ronald. They've got two kids – Patti and Ron. 

Career in politics 

Ronald Reagan was the official spokesperson for the GE Corporation, planning and giving speeches on behalf of GE before he began his political career in 1950. He was then a Liberal Democrat and a Nationalist, although many of his views and beliefs endorsed the Republican ideals. He has also openly supported candidatures for both Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon's presidential nominations. 

By 1962, he, along with other Republican candidates, released a voice message where they decided to make the shift from liberal-democrats to republicans. He joined the Republican Party, as his political views and values were more aligned with the Republican point of view. 

California Governor

Following Barry Goldwater's "Time for Choice" speech, he was voted Governor Reagan in 1966 by the California Republican Party. His political slogan was to "make the welfare bums get back to work." Californians repeated his conservative ideals, overthrowing the existing and revered Liberal Edmund Gray. 

On January 3, 1967, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as California's Governor. By 1975 he had completed two terms. He began budget cuts and other social reforms as Governor. Under his second stint as Governor, there were many improvements in California's welfare laws. 

United States' President

In 1968 he went to the presidency as Governor of California to avoid Nixon from taking his post and came third. In 1976, when he defeated his new rival, Gerald Ford, it made a serious run for President. Reagan challenged again for the presidency in 1980 and secured the nomination for incumbent Jimmy Carter this time. 

At the age of 69, he was the oldest ever elected President. On January 29, 1981, Ronald Reagan began two terms, and in 1989 he took office. Polls showed that he was Franklin D. Roosevelt's most famous President at the time. 


- Ronald Reagan, who has made his speeches encouraging Hoffnung und Perseverance, and whose President was now dubbed the Reagan Eighties, is regarded as a strong leader in a turbulent age by many Americans. 

- The economy boomed, and the Cold War ended during his tenure. His economic reforms and development efforts and the anti-communist position on foreign policy are particularly relevant to him. It boosted the economy, produced more jobs, and made the defenses in the country stronger. 

- He also introduced economic reforms recognized as 'Reaganomics,' boosting economic growth through tax cuts and government spending and business regulation. The measures were targeted at providing employment and lower inflation. 

- He was a visionary as far as military Strategies are concerned. He strategically used the military to combat terror strikes. His defense spending skyrocketed despite having improved relations with the Soviet Union. 

- Reagan sent bombers to Libya after Libya was found participating in an assault on American soldiersRonald Reagan, which happened in a nightclub in West Berlin. 

- He ensured to export marine vessels to the Persian Gulf to steady the flow of crude petroleum at the time of the Iran-Iraq war. 

- He altered the income tax laws and exempted millions of people with low incomes from paying taxes.


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