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Today STEM is the buzzword all over the world for entrepreneurs, politicians, and educators who consider STEM skills crucial for the future. STEM is the abbreviation form for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The relevance of STEM is self-evident in every aspect of our lives. The most innovative and creative minds are always developing technologies and improving the current ones, which is very useful and used by everyone. From biomedical advancements to food production to transportation, the achievements of STEM is undeniable and pertinent to improving the daily quality of our lives.

So if you are planning to pursue a degree to enhance your career option, then you know that pursuing any of the specialty in a field will land you an impressive job than someone who probably skipped college. But are you known to the fact that if you earn a degree in the STEM field, you open yourself to an ever-expanding industry of educators who have a considerable impact on the student’s future and the STEM industry as a whole? Very few people are adequately STEM-educated even though there is a global need for scientific research, engineering teachers and development is now higher than it ever was. The STEM-related fields are very dynamic, and you will require an extra love for the sciences to pursue the same.

The Endless opportunities in the future for STEM fields

If you have an aptitude for logical thinking and reasoning, creativity, and maths, then you are the right candidate to pursue your degree in STEM-fields like Science Education and Mathematics Education. If you take a closer look into the future, you will see it is limitless with a broad horizon for the STEM field. As challenges and questions pose up every day for improvements and developments for the ones who are invested in the same to do the same, there will always be new opportunities. Breaking a few barriers and thinking out of the box lets these technological thinkers come up with innovations like securing cyberspace to finding ways to provide fresh and clean water. 

And the timing cannot be better for the girls to grab the opportunity

It is now or ever, as the timing cannot be better for the young generation of females to break the stereotypes and jump into the various streams of the STEM fields. According to statistics, women today have the potential to earn 33% more in the STEM fields than in a job, which is a non-STEM job. And today more and more companies have vacancies than ever before. The government is also working tirelessly with proximity to the schools and educational institutions to encourage and promote young girls so that they develop a keen interest in the STEM fields. There are a few government initiatives that work in providing accessible information to young females about programs that will help to grow their interest to engage themselves in the world of numerous opportunities relating to STEM. 

Numerous vacancies in STEM-related jobs

Every year hundreds if not thousands of teaching jobs are vacant as there aren’t enough teachers in the STEM-related fields. The job openings in the STEM-related areas as a teacher is 30% more than the average. And, this number is just an estimate, it can be more also. It is evident that STEM-related industries are always in need of well-versed educators; hence there are pre-college introductory programs to help educators prepare the interested candidates and guide them towards the STEM field they enjoy the most. Moreover, during economic downturns and recessions, STEM careers suffer and least and recover rapidly than any other industry. A STEM Education has the potential for successful self-employment ventures and entrepreneurial aspirations. 

Break the myth that you need to b a Grade A student to pursue an Education in STEM 

It is a common myth that you must be a Grade A student to dream of a career in STEM-related fields. Most of the successful STEM professionals have their inspirations from their failures. Their failures allowed them to realize their weaknesses and work around the same while finding their strong pursuits. It is not uncommon to find the most successful STEM Educators and Professionals share their fair share of challenges and dismissing the myth that only the smartest of the students must study STEM Subjects. Or, think of the scientists who gain positive insights from the variables of endless failed experiments and finally ending up with a very innovative invention that improves the quality of life of humankind. 

No, A STEM Graduate does not only have to be a Scientist

It is another common misconception that being a scientist is only the career option for a STEM Graduate. The truth is, there is a wide range of career options that extend beyond the known traditional professions, which are relating to the field of science like researchers of science and medicine, which requires creativity and knowledge to a STEM student. There are many STEM subjects which work and have their fundamentals intertwined with one another. Engineering, science, and technology work extensively to solve various issues, comprehensive challenges, and improve operations in numerous sectors. Some jobs may not be on the top of everyone’s mind but are equally lucrative as the other jobs in the STEM-related subjects. Posts such as financial analysts and advisory, corporate research analysts, environmental engineer, and information security and web development are some of the jobs amongst many others which open the window for endless opportunities to create something and earn handsomely for the same. 

There is no denying that choosing an education degree that is in the direction of the STEM fields will open to a window to endless opportunities and a very steady career path that will allow the candidate to excel in life while impacting the lies of the others too. And, today, every industry can benefit from advanced technologies and innovations for better outcomes. SoSTEM, it is for the best that students start preparing themselves way ahead before their college if they wish to pursue a career in the STEM-related fields. 


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