An Insight into International Relations

International Relations

The study of International Relations is related to several academic discipline disciplines like geography, economics, psychology, political science, sociology, law, philosophy and, history. International Relations discusses the relations across the borders and boundaries on nation-states. International Relations focus solely on the study of international relations of one country to another and as a whole, with the participation and interaction between the actors with international politics, which includes states and non-state actors, like The World Bank, the UN or the United Nations, IMF or the International Monetary Fund, and Amnesty International. One of the salient features of the international systems is that it is a state of anarchy- that is each independent state in the order is a sovereign and is not answerable to one or any higher authority.

To understand the subject matter clearly, let take into consideration and try to get an idea of the situation of the planet we are residing in, currently. Start by imagining a situation where you are living in a confined space along with a group of other people that too with limited resources. Now, you further imagine that this place you are living in has no Law or any law enforcement; the only law that is existent is the agreement on situations between the individuals and here the saying self-help is the best help is correct. Meaning, self-help is the only enforcement you have.

Things such as international negotiations and conflicts, international development, foreign policy, war, terrorism, nuclear, international trade and economics, and proliferation amongst other subjects matters are the main focus on which the study of International Relations revolves around. As it is clear that International Relations is a broad spectrum, so the need for an interdisciplinary approach arises.

Importance of International Relations

In the global society, International Relations in the aspect of citizenship is essential. Today, the once vast earth is now a small village. With technology developing, advanced communicating systems, rapid air transportations and critical international economy are responsible for making the world smaller and smaller as each day passes. And, under such circumstances, the value of peace and a prospering understanding relationship between one country and another is very crucial.

Peace and prosperity in the Nation

Peace is the most critical reasons of all, since ancient times, that the establishment of agreements and treaties between nations came into existence. Each country maintaining the settlements ensured that the ordinary people of the country would peacefully carry on with their day to day lives, like earning a living for their families and raising the families, instead of dedicating their lives for their country in the armed forces and getting into conflicts with the neighbouring nations. The functions of a peace treaty are still relevant in International Relations. Even though there are still several countries out there in the world before they settle with their peace treaties, there are others like South Korea and North Korea, who are marching forward towards peace, leaving the people all over the world shocked but still hopeful.

Booming Economy

One of the most lucrative advantages of favourable peace treaties amongst Nations is the increasing of Trade Policies between the Nations, which directly has a positive effect on the economy of the country. And, this is relevant in both cases like importing natural resources or finished products in one country where there is no availability of it, or by gaining access to a broader market on the global scale through exports with foreign countries. Materials which can be traded or which cannot be traded, the requirements and limitations of this cross-border trade and setting the terms like trade routes, taxes, trade sanctions are amongst a few things which International Relations define the purpose. Another added benefit is that International Relations signify to the entire world which countries are the powerhouses of specific industries and which countries are reliable. For better understanding take, for example, Columbia exports coffee, China is the leader in exporting different kinds of electronic goods and Japan and Korea export high-class cars worldwide.

One small village and a plethora of cultures and festivities celebrated throughout the world

Looking at the bigger picture, in a general way, promoting the advances in different human culture has its advantage. International Relations does not only focus on maintaining peace and increasing the economy but also improving the diversities in of the cultures of the world and sharing it through international relations policies and allowing programs like student exchange programs and cultural exchanging exhibitions which will enable us to enhance our knowledge and understating of the various expressions in the humans, worldwide. We can see this clearly in significant world events like the Olympics, Football World Cup and Cricket World Cup, where all the people from different nations come together in one common ground, cheer for their teams and appreciate their differences and similarities with an open heart.

Battling the evils of humankind and global concerns together as one

Terrorism, issues about the environment, pandemic are few global issues which are more than and are more extensive than any one particular country or a specific continent. To successfully meet and face such global challenges cordial and sound International Relations with other Nations become pertinent, to share relevant information and pool resource into the problem, to control it.

Opportunities for enhancement of life through immigration

Apart from the transportation of goods across international borders, people also travel to one country from another in search of opportunities that will enhance their and the lives of their families. The nature of this kind of travel may be temporary or permanent, but in either of each the case, it must be under regulation to ensure the rule of law, where criminals must under any circumstance be out of the country, but legitimate businesses, travelling of immigrants and tourists are unaffected and preserved. In the determination of the border control policies, International Relations play a vital role in the matter.

International Relations is an integral part of every common man of the Nation. One may think that they can avoid International Relations, but in realityInternational Relations, International Relations won't avoid the common man. 


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