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Before you start writing, there are three critical things you should put in mind, that is, form, purpose, and structure. Not all writers are the same, just as not all written works are the same. First, establishing your form gives you a clear roadmap to follow. Each style in written works follows a conventional general structure that defines its relationship to a given structure. In an argument, the purpose is to present two opposite view-points about a particular subject and to build a case for each of them. Therefore, the structure arguments begin by showing both view-points as relevant.

Most written works are defined by a definite form that is dominant throughout the work. If one writes an essay around and point of argument, then such a work will be called an argument. If it is based on explaining terms and meanings in certain subjects, the work will be called explanatory and so on. 

In most creative writing pieces, however, several forms will emerge. Every part of the works will be based on a different approach. The beginning, for instance, may be descriptive narration, followed by an argument, then end with reporting. It is all in the writer’s imagination power. Sometimes a narrative may even contain another tale, in which the writer may include another character telling a story with the story. In this case, other forms may be added to serve the purpose of the author.

Succeeding as a writer

Many people wish to become writers in life. The good news, anyone can become a great writer if they are willing to learn. First, you need creative writing resources as your primary motivation. And there are so many writers in the world that can provide any insight you require. Consider what you have inside of you: the inner resources within you, the mind of an artist, the creativity of a poet, the persistence of scriptwriter, and self-discipline. 

To crown the characteristics, you need to have significant experience, knowledge, empathy, and a resolute interest in the realm of writing. In short, you need to be as humanly as possible. Human beings are naturally seen as storytellers. That is why you can easily make it if you put your mind on what is essential. With these, you have laid the perfect background to welcome external sources; from other authors and environments. You are the author of your destiny; knowing precisely what you want and working towards it should be good enough.

What you need to succeed

Everyone looks like success in writing from different perspectives. For some, they are successful as long as people can read and appreciate their works. In most cases, the readers are no more than just their families and friends; technology through social media can expose them to a broader audience. And for others, there is more to it than just having many people know them. Their goals are more ambitious and go beyond boundaries. Getting their works published and sold becomes their primary objective. In the end, they reach a wider audience than the first group.

 As a writer, your first business is writing. You want to come up with new and exciting content for your audience at all times. Understand that writing is an investment, especially if your goal is to get published and make it your career. Many students wonder where their book will take them until they realize they have to make it their business to succeed.

Recognizing what needs in the publishing business is also an excellent approach for your writing career. It is no just about being a good writer, but knowing the little details for getting your work on the market. And most importantly, acknowledge that success sometimes does not come to those who deserve it. You may even pray for some luck in your way.

It is said that successful writers are not always those excellent writers; they could be people who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Therefore, you efforts may take longer to bear fruits than perhaps someone else you know. However, the most important thing is to improve your skills at any given opportunity. Make yourself a better, more efficient writer and sell/publish your work at any given opportunity.

To become successful in business, you need people. You can walk faster when alone, but you can walk the furthest in a team. It is vital that you get yourself and your work noticed on the market. That of necessity means you get to know where the right people and events are to succeed. These include, but not limited to:

Publishing houses and publishers.

As a writer, you must conduct your research on who might be most interested in your form. There are many publishers in the market, and many have different specialties. Know who is publishing your work and how much it will cost you.

Writing clubs

Whether professionals or amateurs, writing societies an essential part of any writer. They will help you with discussions on different opportunities in the market, helping you grow faster.

Books shows and exhibitions

This is where book shows are held in various countries. Publishers and booksellers come together in these events to search for talent as well as partnerships.

Trade shows and exhibitions/commercial organizations and businesses

The best way to research publication opportunities is through trade shows and exhibitions. You can also get inspirational themes and ideas for your writing projects. For those who are skilled in persuasive writing, businesses are always looking for talent in their advertisement projects.

Personal contacts

Let people know what you can do. Give them something nice to talk about and have friends to support your work.

As stated in the beginning, anyone can succeed in the writing business. You need to have a focused form and know the right people to approach. With the growing opportunities and emerging trends in the world of writingWriting girl, there is something for everyone with skills.


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