Development due to industrialization in the USA

industrialization in the USA

Urbanization is when an industry or factory or factory is created in an area, drawing people for employments as factory laborers. As a result of the initial demand, there are retail outlets, schools, hospitals, service providers, and shops that flock to the area to cater to the workers. The crowd that starts to form due to the demands of the increasing society is the process of urbanization. Historically speaking, industrialization has led to urbanization; creating needs for proper housing for the increasing number of people.

Recent times have seen the rise in the technology industry growing, which is similar in nature as the factories in the earlier times. Recent times have seen a rise in technologically advanced cities providing jobs on a large scale and thereby drawing a large population of skilled and trained workers in that region.

Significance of water bodies

It is seen throughout history, that most settlements and communities come up near large bodies of water. There is a pertinent reason for this, that is sustenance. Water is vital as a raw material for industries, that without water will not be able to sustain the work and manufacture products. Another important role that water bodies play will be the transportation of manufactured goods. As a result, it is seen that the world’s seventy-five percent urban areas are in coastal regions.

The process of urbanization continues to grow

One of the key drivers of economic growth is industrialization. This creates a need for better education systems and better infrastructure for the urban population. As businesses prosper, they have higher requirements for improved technology and trained and skilled staff to expand with time.

The industrialization has led to the continuous process of urbanization, and social reform and economic growth is the result of this process. Urbanization does bring with its fair share of troubles and the most common ones being, poor infrastructure for the rapid growth of the population. Due sudden and mass immigration, the area may be overcrowded with poor sanitation, giving rise to various diseases and infections. Poor healthcare can also be one of the factors.

Local governing bodies have to be able to cope with the growth of the city or town. Therefore, one can see a direct correlation between industrial growth and urbanization. While the process of urbanization can be beneficial in many aspects, such as economic growth; it can also be a detractor in terms of medical, civic facilities, in case of unplanned urbanization. Over the years, patterns have shown a tendency for urban developments near rivers and lakes, as this not only allows industries to thriveindustrialization in the USA, it also allows a source of water for the growing populations.


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