Emerging issues in art and architecture

art and architecture

All through history, the place of art and architecture, as key player in human civilization, has never been disputed. Architecture has always served as a defining factor in the existence of humanity. Many architects and town planners have left their footsteps across the globe. Art has formed the foundations of a culturally civilized generation. The story of humankind has been told through art and architecture no less than it has been through science. Echoes of artistic voices have resonated throughout our culture, bringing us to a time where technology has given in its best. Architecture, in particular, has been seen as both an art and a science. Each era came with different ways of thinking in design. New methods to build communities preserve political authorities and boundaries, and to design an environment for a beautiful present and future are evident in every art era.

Ancient art and architecture were always there to serve a purpose. In ancient Egypt, for instance, art was used a technique to preserve culture. You can know the art of Egypt by merely looking at specific forms that were particular to their kingdom through different ages. Their architecture is specific to their culture even, where some were borrowed. Early generations of Egyptian civilization are shown through pyramids, which have become a world phenomenon. Then tombs came in as more exquisite works of the times. Royal tombs were seen as resting places for Egyptian gods, therefore constructed with utmost care. Every piece of art and jewelry was not merely for beauty but to give glory to a god.  

Looking at such a magnificent past, there is much for wisdom humanity that will take us beyond now. Modern architecture seems so different, yet not so, as per the measure of civilization. Technology has taken the world to a whole new level, creating what can be termed as a global village. In it, we still find architecture taking us beyond now, into an oblivious future. We cannot help but wonder what is coming next, what trends will kick in next? Or what issues will be affecting the world of art next?

Art as art (…what is not art?)

There is a lot of fuss today to what can be termed as art and what should not be art. Whereas architecture remains clear, art continues to suffer great injustices in the hands of technological advancement. Modern artists, for instance, refuse to acknowledge the culture of traditional art that was more purpose-focused. Modernism dictates an introduction of another culture of a global nature, making it loose meaning on many levels. Anyone can create a piece of art from any part of the world and be presented to galleries without any particular connection to the factors that inspire creativity.

Apart from this, art is described as the manifestation of an inner self. In other words, an artist is anyone who pours out their emotions through a specific procedure. However, we cannot say that fighting, shouting, or cursing is artistic. If we follow this notion, then art can be anything. Some scholars have argued that many literary works do not follow art rules, and therefore do not qualify as such. It takes time, energy and a lot study to write any artistic text. Many people pour out their emotions in writing. We cannot say that any written piece of work is artistic, but the construction of the elements of a sentence and the choice words in every paragraph should be used as a guiding principle.

There will always be conflict in the field of art.  When photography came into the picture, many artists were against it. They feared it would take them out of business. By describing art as a way of showcasing creativity, many argued that there was no way art will be created with the involvement of a camera. Photography was therefore reserved only for special occasions like birthday parties and family events. Decades later, even the same artists are using photography as their reference to make portraits. It has been accepted as part of the industry of fine arts, creating a more profound history. We are yet to witness more technologies that will change the face of art.

Trends in architecture

The generation of tomorrow is intensely competitive. Considering what we see today, it is right to say that it is fiercely autonomous and does not conform to the acceptable norms of society. The way millennials think is very different from what their parents’. For instance, they do not see the need to get married as they don’t want to be tied down. They think and act radically different. It is even worse for the so-called generation Zs who are glued to the Smartphones. Everything is made available at the balm of their hands. Even their offices will be in houses that can be shared by friends of fellow workers.

As such, space efficiency is going to be a boom in the realm of architecture. We are looking at buildings that are efficient for space and energy. They will be healthier and more sustainable for generations to come.

With the ever-changing climatic conditions, the future architecture will focus on the sustainability factor with building respecting the environment. There are already pilot programs for the efficient use of materials and renewable energy in a manner that does not cripple the environment. Green construction will be for everyone as technology takes on the reduction of waste and pollution. This will not only boost the economy, but it will create durable space in balance with ecology. We already have bamboo being used in green buildings in parts of Asia and Latin America. These creative structures can be made durable, and as they are beautiful.

There is a lot that is happening in the realm of art and architecture. With new technologies established to preserve every work, we will see a more sustainable society in the near future. Changes in the environment are a common enemy to art and architecture. But the researches and studies underway today will ensure better safety and longevity for the industry. We are lucky humanity is always pushing for better tomorrow. The human mind seems to have no limit as everything that was not possible yesterday is todayart and architecture, and whatever is unresolved today will have an answer tomorrow.


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