Everything you need to know about Robotic Simulation

Robotic Simulation

The robot simulation and offline programming tools are best and innovative to verify proper investment in robotic systems. The robot can be programmed on a PC to carry out all the feasibility checks or without stopping production with simulation software.

The programs for robots can thus be prepared even in advance, increasing productivity.

This approach offers several advantages:

- Risk reduction.

- Quicker start.

- Greater overall productivity.

- Faster production batch change.

Offline programming

The Offline programming involves the whole robot programming achieved with simulation software. The result is to operate on the robot with a CadCam interface.

All this is obtained starting from:

- A basic CadCam whose functionality is implemented to build new robot operations that are difficult to implement.

- Electronic and mechanical devices inserted on the robot.

To achieve the above, CadCam Mastercam-Robotmaster, RoboWaveBending bending cad, Visual Components general-purpose simulators were used.

With CadCam Mastercam-Robotmaster, self-adaptive systems have been created on deburring systems with highly accurate finishes on plastics, aluminum, and cast iron.

3DRealize R

What does it do?

3DRealizeR allows you to build a 3D simulation of your production line and provides detailed indications on its operation.

For who is it?

With its simple and intuitive user interface, 3DRealizeR is suitable for sales engineers with the need to simulate robots.

Simulate your robotic production line with 3DRealizeR

3DRealizeR is based on the characteristics of 3DRealize, adding the ability to insert robots in the model. It allows you to evaluate its operation, check cycle times, reachability, and absence of collisions during simulation.

You will no longer be tied to a single robot manufacturer. A catalog of over 1000 different robots allows you to choose exactly the robot you prefer. And if there is something you would like to change, 3DRealizeR also allows you to instruct the robot to carry out your instructions properly.

An easy way to correct programming errors

Your 3D simulation will not only be simple and graphically appealing. You can quickly spot problems and errors with intelligent collision detection and reachability.

Everyone likes to have alternatives. With 3DRealizeR, you can immediately evaluate all the layout options and present them to your customers, in a few minutes.


The use of a virtual simulator is fundamental for many robot designers because they can test the algorithms, prepare the structure of the robots, and check their effectiveness in real situations. A well-made simulator must guarantee accurate tests, allowing those who use it to obtain all the necessary data.

For this purpose, Gazebo was created about three years ago, of which the new version 7.0 was released last month. With a powerful physical engine, high-quality graphics, and a convenient interface for programming, this software tool enters the ranking of the best robot simulators. Result also obtained thanks to the fact that Gazebo is free and freely downloadable.

Using Gazebo, one realizes the numerous qualities of this simulator, studied in every detail to provide the best user experience:

- dynamics simulation, which allows you to interact with a virtual world that follows the simplest laws of physics, to predict what could happen in reality

- 3D graphics with which we can observe the work from different points

- simulation of data collected by different sensors

- possibility to use predefined robot models

- numerous tools that facilitate the planning and analysis of the work

There are many fields in which Gazebo can be used, starting from the design of advanced robots, such as those used at the DARPA Robotics Challenge, reaching simple machines for enthusiasts.

The main programming language is C ++. There are also some functions and lines of code specific for Gazebo, which are published together with tutorials and examples to help the less experienced.

Currently, this simulator is available for both Windows and Mac, but correct functioning is guaranteed only for Ubuntu, therefore for the Linux operating system. However, there are also some suggestions on how to make Gazebo work with other operating systems, for which some requirements are required, such as 30 GB of free space for those who use Windows, without the security that the program actually works.

Many developments are expected for Gazebo, which is less than three years has been distributed in 7 different versions and for which at least four other updates have already been planned, arriving at version 11.0, which is expected to be released by 2020. Any future update will bring important innovations, which have already been defined and published but which will, of course, be modified according to customer needs. 

The DARPA Robotics Challenge

A few years ago, the US Company DARPA proposed a challenge to technology institutes around the world. To create a robot capable of operating without the human need in case of need, such as natural disasters or nuclear disasters. The 25 teams took advantage of the best technologies combined with in-depth research to prepare the cars for the race, which took place on 5 and 6 June this year.

There are eight tasks that each robot had to complete. In addition to the ability to walk and interact with the outside world, automata have had to drive, cross rough paths, close a valve, and more. The ranking was determined by the number of works completed, and the time is taken. The winner was the KAIST team, a South Korean team that, with the DRC-Hubo robot (robot while climbing the stairs), managed to complete all operations with the time of 44:28, winning the $ 2 million first prize. In second and third place, both from the USA, respectively, the IHMC Robotics team with a $ 1 million prize and the Tartan Rescue team who won $ 500,000.

Only the three teams on the podium managed to complete all the exercises, but the results are positive: the continuous development of robots allows us to think that in the future, we could be protected or saved by these machinesRobotic Simulation, whether or not commanded by humans.


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