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robotic arm

It is an exciting experience for those who approach the world of robotics for the first time and are not yet ready for more complex challenges. A robotic arm is a mechanical limb equipped with servo motors and sensors, with a certain number of degrees of freedom. It is mainly used in the industrial field - for welding, handling, loading, and unloading of materials - and in the medical field. But there are also robotic arms which operate in space, such as those used for the construction of the International Space Station. 

How to build a robotic arm with a robot kit

There are currently various robot kits on the market suitable for children, adolescents, or those who are beginners in the world of robotics. These allow you to build robotic arms in a simple way. Most of the robot kits out there allow you to make small robotic arms similar to those used in car factories. Designed especially for children and adolescents - but also for beginners with robots - they are excellent educational robotics tools. After choosing the robot kit to build for you, you just have to follow the instructions and find out, step by step, how to build a DIY robotic arm.

In this article, we will discuss different ways to build a robotic arm.

Robot kit to build a robotic arm

For example, spending about 60 euros or 66 US dollars, you can buy the Thumbs up robot kit that allows you to build a robotic arm equipped with five motors. In addition, the kit also provides an LED spotlight that can be remotely controlled and a clamp to grab small objects. Alternatively, you can opt for the construction of a robotic arm with Arexx or Makeblock. An Arexx Engineering kit costs around 125 euros or 139 US dollars, and it allows the construction of a 26 cm robotic arm, which can be controlled by a mini controller and which has built-in programmable software. The kit is called Robot Arm Mini and was designed for educational robotics.


The Makeblock robot kit is a bit more complex to assemble. But it is also more interesting, as it allows you to make a robotic arm with two motors and a gripper that manages to lift a bottle of water. It also rotates in all directions and can be controlled with remote control. You can buy it in 99 euros 0r 110 US dollars.

The latest robot kit is from Robokits India and allows the construction of a particularly flexible robotic arm with five degrees of freedom. In this case, a 32 cm long arm is obtained, which can lift up to 300 grams and is programmed via Bluetooth from the PC. On the internet, the price of the kit is around 168 euros or 186 US dollars. These are just some of the commercially available robot kits for building a DIY robotic arm. But the choice is wide, and generally, numerous companies produce these prod.

How to build a DIY robotic arm on a budget

The British company Thumbs Up produces a kit that allows you to build a robotic arm equipped with five motors. It is equipped with a gripper to grab small objects. It also mounts an LED spotlight and is controlled via cable via remote control.

How to build a robotic arm with Makeblock and Arexx

A little more complex to assemble is the Makeblock robot kit from which a robotic arm with two motors and a gripper capable of lifting a bottle of water is obtained. It rotates in all directions and is controlled with infrared remote control. On RobotShop, it is on sale at the price of 99 euros or 110 US dollars.

With Robot Arm Mini, it is possible to create a robotic arm controlled by a mini controller with built-in programmable software. Arexx Engineering designs it for educational purposes; Robot Arm Mini reaches a maximum extension of 26 centimeters. In online shops, it is on sale from 125 euros or 139 US dollars.

How to build a robotic arm with five degrees of freedom

We conclude our brief review with a Robot kits India robot kit that allows you to build a very flexible DIY robotic arm due to its five degrees of freedom. It is 32 cm long that lifts up to 300 grams and is programmed and controlled via Bluetooth directly from the PC.

Bebionic3: the most advanced robotic arm in the world

Nigel Ackland lost his arm in an accident six years ago and was given a new perspective on the quality of life with this bebionic3, the world's most advanced robotic arm. Nigel is 53 years old and lives in Cambridge shire, north London; following an accident in an industrial mixer, he had his right arm completely crushed, and instead of going around with the useless limb, he decided to have it cut. The RSLSteepe prosthetic company decided to use it as a guinea pig for a robotic arm that can work due to the spasms of the muscles of its upper forearm.


The futuristic limb gave him “a completely new quality of life.” "I was surprised by the robotic hand, I sat down and watched it all day, I feel like Terminator.” The arm has been programmed with 14 different handles that approximate human behavior, with different thumb inclinations that allow it to better manage all the different situations of daily life, from grabbing an object to lifting weights.

Now he tries his shoes on his own and uses the computer mouse in an almost normal way. “Prior to this, I used prosthetics provided by the British health service, which was horrible, “said Ackland. The bio-limb is also supplied with synthetic leather that aesthetically recreates and reproduces the shades of Ackland leather. The devicerobotic arm, named bebionic3, will be officially unveiled in London. The cost is around 35 thousand Euros or 38 thousand nine forty-one US dollars for the complete installation.


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