How to Choose the Right Personal Essay Topics?

Personal Essay Topics

Writing high-quality essays for your school or college assignments isn't that easy how it seems. Your professors and colleagues judge you based on the write-up. While writing an essay is definitely a difficult task, what's more, daunting is coming up with the right topic idea for the same.

You have to write an essay on a unique and trending topic that makes your piece stand out from the other students. But how do you do that? How can you choose a topic that can receive a lot of appreciation from your professor? Sometimes, your teacher does not specify the exact topic or matter they want the content to be written on. They only ask you to write a personal essay.

Now, what exactly this personal essay is? What are you supposed to write? Should you describe a life incident that changed you as a person and student? Or, should you write about your future goals? Well, there’s a lot of confusion in your head when it comes to writing a personal essay. But worry no more! If you are searching for the answers too, this post is for you. Let’s learn about the ways you can come up with a perfect topic idea for personal essays.

Personal Essay Topics – What Does it Include?

First things first, what personal essay means? The main purpose of writing a personal essay is to give a brief idea to your professor and students about who you are and what you do. That’s why a majority of people use their personal statements to define their future goals, the reasons why they are pursuing education and struggling to earn certification, their past accomplishments, and other such life incidents that they would like to share with the audience. Here are some tips for landing the right topic for your personal essay.

  • Brainstorm is the Key to a Perfect Essay

You want to write a unique and amazing essay? Of course, the goal of students is to write an essay that is not only unique but interesting to read. The first factor that you must take into consideration before getting started with writing is the "TOPIC".

Studies suggest that the more interesting and trending your topic is, the higher the chances your audience would like to read the full essay. No one is interested in boring content. Sure, your essay needs a touch of professionalism as you are writing for educational purposes. But as it is a personal essay, the topic you select must be based on your life incidents, goals, or anything as long as it is related to your life.

The first important tip to coming up with a great topic is understanding yourself. Know your interests, hobbies, objectives, etc. Since it is a personal essay, you get a lot of options to choose from.

  • A Topic That Stands Out

You may have some amazing experiences that you would like to write in the essay copy. But, is the topic common or traditional? It is important to note that your professor reads thousands of essays that talk about student's goals, their past achievements, their ambition in life, their dream career, what can they do to change the world, and so on. If you only want to complete the assignment and get decent grades, then a common topic should work.

But if your goal is to get the professor's attention, your topic should stand out. Try to come up with an idea that students are highly unlikely to write on. It can be about the cute pet that you love to hang out with, about the amazing neighbors you have got, your first cooking experience, etc.

  • Never Brag

Students love bragging. While some do it to extend the length of their essay, others feel they have no experiences to share. Either way, they end up writing something that screams "Fake, Fake, and Fake".

Do you really think your professor won’t catch you with those unoriginal words? Well, that’s why they are professors. It won’t take them long to find out if the topic you have chosen is the original life incident or something that has never happened. Your teacher gives you a personal essay writing assignment to improve your personal and writing skills. If they wanted braggers, they could have assigned the same topic to all students.

A smart and well-written personal essay is the one that is completely original, though a little decoration wouldn’t hurt. But stick to the originality as much as possible.

  • Review the Topic

By reviewing we don't mean to research the topic on the internet. In fact, that's a big NO! You must examine the topic and have all the points you can mention in the essay set in your mind. Never start writing before evaluating the topic because the last thing you want is to choose a topic and write 500 words only to discover that there is no more information left to be shared.

If there's a particular word limit or the number of pages, you must evaluate the topic and ensure that there is enough content to write on the matter. You cannot just write one page and start bragging since there is not much left to be written.

  • Confirm with your Friends

You don't have to take anyone's suggestion on the topic you have chosen. As long as it's real-life experience and you like to share it with people, you are good to go. But we cannot forget that it is your college/school assignment. It's always better to consult with your friends and ensure that no one else is writing on that topic. The more unique your topic is, the more the attention you get from the teacher.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t started writing yet, choose a perfect topic that describes your life incident, hobbiesPersonal Essay Topics, and other such interesting experiences. Keep the title and body as original as possible. Good Luck!


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