How to Write a Proposal For Your Academic Essay?

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How to Write a Proposal For Your Academic Essay?

The first thing you write when starting the academic essay, thesis writing, and other such major project is the proposal. The role of this proposal is to persuade the professor or the writing academy that the content you are writing is based on a sound topic and you need their approval to proceed.

Academic essay writing proposal indicates the topic you are writing on as well as the experience and knowledge you possess in the specific genre. Basically, the academic essay proposal is divided into three elements that are as follows:

1. Rationale: In this segment, the writer talks about the reasons why they choose the particular topic for the academic essay and how exactly is it related to the course. You must also add the drawbacks of the project to clarify what your academic essay will deliver and what not.

2. Review: You have to provide a review of the published work in the same genre, how well it relates to the essay topic, and how your proposed academic essay can explore several territories while using the published information. In short, will your academic essay include more information than what's already published?

3. Outline: How are you going to complete the essay? When are you intending to submit it? What resources and references you will need to complete the academic essay? Is there any cost involved? These are some important questions you must answer in the Outline part of the proposal. Make sure that everything you will be using to complete the essay should be listed here.

In simplest terms, writing a proposal for your academic essay is quite important as it helps convince your professor by explaining how the topic can be useful. It is important to note that you cannot even formulate the thesis statement if the professor doesn’t like your idea and disapproves.

Right Way of Organizing Your Academic Proposal

The way you organize your academic essay proposal depends on the institution you are a part of. Before you start writing the proposal, it is better to consult with the professor or a supervisor and know their exact requirements. What do they expect in the academic proposal? Can you provide it? Can you write an essay that meets their standard? Only start writing once you have figured their expectations.

We all know that academic essay is all about research, debatable topics, evidence, and professional paper. But, the academic proposal part is often neglected. As mentioned before, you cannot write anything without getting the approval of the professor and supervisor. This proposal allows them to know what are you going to write, how can your work help the institution as a whole, and how can you explore new fields in the already published genre. Hence, the first step to writing an outstanding thesis statement is coming up with the best proposal that the supervisors will approve for sure. Here we are presenting some effortless ways on how to write a high-quality academic proposal and get the supervisor’s approval almost instantly.

  • Take Time

Do you know the biggest mistake students do while writing an academic proposal? They want to complete it quickly so that they get the approval for continuing with the academic essay. Make sure that the research paper is more important than the thesis itself. We already know the reason i.e. you cannot go ahead and start your research until your proposal is accepted.

The academic proposal isn’t something you can rush. In fact, take as much time as you need and come up with a high-quality and unbiased proposal that has everything a supervisor expects. The better your academic proposal is, the sooner you get the approval. You must collect the necessary materials and references you need to write a proposal. Make sure that all the important details are added.

  • Be Confident

Confident is the key to a successful essay writing work, and especially when you are writing an academic essay that requires a lot of research and time. When writing a proposal you must show some confidence by clarifying how you can complete the essay on time and with accurate language throughout.

The proposal must be powerful enough to convince the supervisor that you can accomplish the assignment as expected.

  • Write a Thorough Literature Review

A literature review is a part where you list all the references of the already published work. The review tells how much information is available on the web, books, and other sources. This is also the section where you have to convince the supervisor that your essay will bring some new ideas and matters into lights. Try to collect and list at least 10 reference sources.

  • Personal Opinions can be Used

Sure, you can include your personal opinions, but never use the terms like ‘I Think'. Your proposal should reflect on how your academic essay can benefit the institution as a whole.

  • Be Professional

You are not writing a personal essay. It is an academic essay writing work. Academic essays are highly professional; hence, your proposal should also look professional. Do not choose a creative writing font, colorful sentences, highlighted words, and etc in a hope that the supervisor will appreciate your creativity.

If you really want to be creative with the academic proposal, you must stick to a professional 12-point font. Furthermore, the proposal should not be longer than 10 pages. Do not forget to write a one-page summary.

  • Use Active Voice

Just like how experts recommend the use of active voice in essays and content writing, the academic proposal should be written in the active voice.

First of all, the active voice maintains the consistency of the proposal. Besides, it seems simple and professional.

  • Check for Grammar Issues

Once you are done writing the proposal, proofread it at least 2-3 times to ensure that it is error-free. Grammar and punctuation mistakes in the proposal can have a negative impression on your writing skills. So, make sure that it is free of grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability, sentence-framingAcademic Essay, and other such language issues.


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