Importance of MBA with specialization in African Studies

MBA with specialization in African Studies

Many of the African nations are now being considered as emerging economies. This is especially true for the Sub-Saharan nations, which have been identified as suitable countries for foreign investment. However, to ensure that investment can be made in these regions with ease, companies need to have excellent managerial teams. Moreover, the management should also have a thorough understanding of the peculiarities of the African economy. Hence, the studies of the African economies have been steadily rising in the past few years. The objective behind encouraging management students to pursue postgraduate studies in African economies is to develop a pool of resources that have an understanding of how these nations work. If you have an MBA with a specialization in African studies, you can look forward to a successful career as a management professional of an international firm looking to invest in an African nation. Some of the benefits of pursuing an MBA with specialization in African studies are as follows:

Diverse career options

Since African nations are mostly emerging economies, you can choose to select from a diverse number of career options. You can choose to pursue the technical, managerial careers as Account Manager, Campaign Manager, or Developmental Manager. If you want to work as a consultant, then an MBA in African studies can prove to be quite helpful. For example, if you're going to provide support to companies looking to invest in an African economy, you can offer them your expert advice. This kind of career opportunity can prove to be very interesting. Often MBA professionals mention that the job of a consultant is often preferred amongst individuals who enjoy traveling. If you have envisioned yourself as a globetrotter, then you can consider taking up the career of a Management Policy Advisor or Consultant. Here you will have to travel to Africa frequently, but you will not have to stay there. Another career option that you can choose with MBA in African studies is in the field of Human Resource Development. The HR department of any company seeking to invest in an African economy will have to be designed and developed based on the local system, ethnicity, and other similar factors. Here a degree in African studies can prove quite helpful. Similarly, if you are interested in Diplomacy, International Relations, International Banking, Health Promotion, and Immigration Consultancy, then an MBA in African Studies can prove to be quite helpful. Thus, by pursuing an MBA in African Studies, you will be able to pursue a career of your choice. 

Ideal for students interested in socio-economic and similar activities

If you have envisioned yourself as a socio-economic or socio-political activist, then an MBA degree in African studies can prove to be very helpful. Many African nations face numerous social issues like illiteracy, energy shortages, lack of knowledge regarding proper usage of natural resources, and acute energy shortages. Many companies often look for candidates who have excellent managerial skills and bring about specific changes in these sectors, while adhering to the existing economic policies. Even as an activist, you can work with Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs in a management capacity to bring about literacy and clean drinking water to the African nations. The unique feature of the Sub-Saharan African nations is that these countries are rich in natural resources. However, people of these countries lack the knowledge and expertise to use these natural resources and use their human resources properly. However, your degree of MBA in African Studies will equip you with all the knowledge required to support local businesses about the usage of natural resources. You can also play a vital role in being the pivot between the government and business organizations looking to earn the right to use these natural resources. This can prove to be beneficial for both the companies and the local people. Thus, your MBA in African Studies can help you to become a socio-economic or socio-political activist. Nevertheless, even as an activist, you will not have to forgo your career choice of becoming a successful manager.

In-depth knowledge of the African economies

An MBA in African Studies will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the various African economies as well as the cultures of the respective nations. Your curriculum will include subjects like African History, Human Rights, Apartheid, and other similar fields to give you an idea about the background of the African economy. Knowledge of the history and growth of the African nations will provide you with a view of the problems that you might come across as a manager working in an African country. Similarly, studying the Policy Process and International Affairs concerning Africa will also help you understand the economies of various African Nations. Other subjects like Law and International Affairs, Statistical Analysis Economics of Conflict, International Trade, International Finance, and International Public Economics. These subjects will give you a complete idea of the workings of the African economies. Hence, if you are looking to work in a management position with an international company looking to invest in an African nation, then your MBA degree in African studies will prove to be helpful. You will be able to evaluate the workings of the economies of the African nations with your knowledge, thus, making it easier for your company to invest and also ensuring that you have a flourishing and a successful career.

For students who are looking forward to a career that is both challenging and exciting, an MBA in African studies can prove to be ideal. You will get to work as a part of an emerging economy and ensure that your contribution to it will be useful. Additionally, you will be able to advance in your career because the opportunities for excelling will be more if you are working in an emerging economy in a managerial position. ThusMBA with specialization in African Studies, an MBA in African Studies will prove to be beneficial if you are looking forward to a flourishing career as a manager in a reputed international business organization.


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