Importance of political participation

political participation

For a democracy to thrive, it is of vital importance that individuals participate in political processes. It is common knowledge that democracy is the establishment of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Though Abraham Lincoln voiced these sentiments in his famous Gettysburg Address, it has been taken to be the cornerstone for all democratic nations across the globe. Thus, in democracy, people or the 'common man' plays a significant role. Without his active participation in the political processes of a democratic nation, the fundamental nature of democracy would be lost. It is quintessential that individuals join political campaigns, participate in rallies, or voice their opinions on social media platforms. Public participation is one of the basic requirements of democracy and is essential for the survival of a democratic form of governance. A democracy ensures that no political party becomes more important than the people of the nation. Hence, dissent and opposition are essential for a democracy to survive. Showing dissent against government policies is also categorized as political participation. Thus, political participation is crucial for a democracy to thrive and become successful. Some of the reasons for the importance of political participation are as follows.

Participation in political campaigns

The political activity that cannot succeed without active public participation in political campaigns. Political parties organize political campaigns. Their respective leaders spearhead these campaigns. These campaigns are held to reach out to a large number of people. Say, for instance, a political leader wishes to organize a rally to garner the support of the people. Here the rally itself will be unsuccessful if people do not actively participate in it. People need to join in the procession and the rally itself actively.

Moreover, active participation in the rally means the public is aligned with the stance of the particular political leader. The objective and the assurances made by the leader have appealed to the public. Similarly, political meetings, too, will not succeed without active political support. Political meetings that do not have a massive turnout of people from all sections of society are considered to be unsuccessful. Thus, the criterion of a successful political meeting is a huge turnout or active attendance by individuals.

Garnering support on behalf of their political leaders

You must have received political pamphlets that have been handed out by individuals. Such individuals are considered to be direct participants in the political processes of the nation. They are usually party workers who work on behalf of the political parties and their leaders. Sometimes the political leaders can't reach out to every member in their constituencies. In such a scenario, campaigners for the political leader are the best people whom you can reach out to. They will help you understand the objectives and aspirations of their leaders. Usually, these campaigners are the ones who will organize rallies and meetings. The persons distributing the pamphlets and the people receiving these are both participants in the political process of their nation. They are both concerned about the political condition of their country. The political activities of the campaigners are crucial in garnering the support of the people. This will ensure that public opinion is favorable towards the political leaders they are working for.

Helping a democracy thrive

The health of a democracy can be evaluated by studying the opinions of the people. Hence, to help democracies thrive and to ensure that there continued to succeed, the participation of the people is essential. Sometimes dissent also forms a part of a thriving democracy. For example, if the public opposes a particular policy of the government, then it shows that the people are politically aware. Political awareness is of vital importance to take a stance for or against government policy. However, unnecessary dissent can prove to be detrimental to the health of a democracy, and it does not display political awareness. Political awareness also helps people make informed decisions regarding their political leaders.

Similarly, active support of government policies and positive reviews by the people can help build the confidence of the political leaders. Agreement and acceptance of government policies also show political awareness. If people collectively accept a government policy, then it shows political participation on the part of the public. Thus, just as dissent is an essential part of democracy, so is acceptance. Both form a part of political participation.

Participating in elections

For political parties of democratic countries, the polls are considered to be demonstrative of active participation by the public in the politics of their respective nations. The success of the electoral process of a country depends on the number of people participating in the process. Elections are held publicly but strictly adhering to the principles of secrecy. In other words, it will be a secret for which political leader you have voted. Secret ballots represent opportunities to the people to select their political leaders and voice their political opinions, without any fear of repercussions. Thus, to assure the people of a nation that their vote and their opinion are essential, absolute confidentiality is maintained during elections. The elections are indeed the foundation of a healthy democracy. If a large number of people participate in the electoral process, it means that the public is actively participating in the most important political process of their country.

Moreover, it is also the duty of citizens who have reached voting ages to participate in the electoral process. The choice made by individuals during elections can make or break a government. Hence, participation in the election process is essential, and participating in it shows your political awareness. 

Thus, political participation can be varied, ranging from participating in a political campaign to casting your vote for a particular political leader. Political participation also means the political awareness of the public. Moreoverpolitical participation, political participation is also vital for the health of a democracy. Statisticians can evaluate the success of democracy depending on the involvement of the people in the political processes of the nation.


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