New and Emerging Human Rights Issue

Human Rights

The virtuous principles and moral ethics used to describe human behaviour are human rights. These rights are legal protection given for the fundamental rights and freedom of each person. Human rights are levied to all individuals from birth until death. It applies to all human beings, notwithstanding caste, creed, religion, or gender discrimination. These rights cannot be withdrawn, but they can be made restricted as per scenarios pertinent to national security.

On 10th December 1948, 56 nations embraced and pledged to follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the ongoing UN General Assembly. The number of countries then shoots up to 192 to date. Human Rights is the collaboration between Civil and Political Rights (CPR) and Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ESCR). The seven virtues of human rights appreciated by every citizen are - right to life, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; freedom from torture, right to a fair trial, freedom from slavery and freedom of movement. Although Human Rights are applicable worldwide, still there are some serious issues about the rights of a human being:


The unfair treatment towards an individual or group of individuals is based on specific different characteristics is referred to as discrimination. In virtue of human rights, every other individual is treated with equal respect. Equal rights are given to enjoy the freedom of human well being. However, the notions about racism, prejudices, and stereotypes lead to discrimination. There are several rights enacted by the government against discrimination, guiding principles to protect the civil rights of an individual. There are majorly five kinds of discrimination observed in the current scenarios, wherein they are considered to be a threat to human rights:

● Gender Discrimination: The inequality of gender is the root cause behind female disrespect. Although discrimination is engulfing male bigotry, significant discrimination is tolerated by women. There is unequal pay at work, disrespect in households, and bias in the right to education. The transgender people are not given equal opportunities for livelihood.

● Age Discrimination: Aging is a natural process, and a person will get old with the passing time. However, there are some incidents reported wherein the senior citizens are not given their fundamental rights. They face a lot of trouble expressing their ailment and incapacity. 

● Disability Discrimination: Discrimination based on a person’s physical or mental disability is very commonly observed. The impairment of body that limits any significant life activity or causes mental disorders should never be the basis for judgment. Despite having reservations, disabled people face a lot of trouble during their lifetime.

● Racial Discrimination: Ethnic or racial discrimination is the differentiation of people based on their origin of birth. The difference in cultural background or skin colour discrimination is prevalent. People differentiate others hastily, and employers tend to overlook prospective employees because of their race, colour, and ethnicity.

● Religious Discrimination: A person’s religious belief or disbelief is the cause of various conflicts arising within nations. It is giving rise to significant political conflicts, disrupting economic and social relations among nations.

Healthy and Sustainable Environment

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights neglected the fundamental rights of every individual to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. However, during recent years of growth and movement towards a greener environment is producing interests among nations for formulating new obligations towards a sustainable environment. There is a universal demand for creating a better natural environment, and the conservation of natural resources to a large extent.

Educational Inequality

The inequalities related to social rights have increased over the past few years. The right to education is neglected as a fundamental human right meant for children. Education provides an individual with the power to evaluate norms and gain knowledge. Therefore, children need to get their primary education. Gender discrimination is also worsening the right to education, as girls are kept away from going to school and colleges. The discriminatory educational policies have taken the fundamental social right from individuals, creating a significant setback in the growth of the nation.

Freedom of Religion and Belief

The discrimination between individuals based on religion and belief has resulted in political conflicts from the past decade. It has always been an issue for human rights, and the defenders are always causing worrying situations including harassment, violence, and death. As per the fundamental human rights, an individual has the authority to follow religious communities and the freedom of belief. No community or another individual can entrust their religious faith on others. One has the freedom to either follow or do not follow any religion or creed.

Right to Privacy

In this digitally advanced world, people are open on social media, and the internet is readily available. The Internet is a worldwide source of information, and if taken for granted, malware can invade into the private zones of people’s lives. Every individual in this world possesses the right to protect their privacy and sensitive information. If anyone tries to obtain sensitive data or misuses them against the permission of the owner, then it is a mockery of human rights. There has been a massive data leak on the internet where private entities are shared, and sensitive information is transferred in exchange of monetary value. This kind of discourtesy towards fundamental human rights should be terminated and counted under punishable offence. 

The inherent rights which have become an indispensable part of our lives are human rights, without which, we cannot live as human beings. The primary characteristics of human rights- indivisible, fundamental, inherent, inalienable, imprescriptible, interdependent, and universally recognized, are getting diluted in this modern era. Human rights are interdependent and are indivisible and equal in the eyes of the law. Denial of these prestigious rights is not only an individual’s tragedy but is a threat to society. It is the corruption of social, cultural, economic, and political rights. It creates social and political unrest, shuddering the financial condition of the nations. Therefore, as responsible human beingsHuman Rights, one should give and respect the rights of other individuals. 



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