The role of media in the American Society


With the evolving technology and the digitization of messages, the functions and the role of media has taken a new shape in recent years in the American Society. It has paved the way towards a new age which is dependent on technology. In the past, people depended on the messages that were generated and shared by large media outlets and corporations. The big media houses shared that news which was worth sharing. They influenced the perception of the public in the society of what was significant. However, communication patterns have been affected in recent years due to the emergence of social media. The audience in American society has become message creators. The public plays a crucial role in determining the significant issues, and it is brought to the attention of everyone by sharing news. The fundamental function of media continues to remain the same; to share newsworthy information with the public for entertainment and informative purposes. 

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Role of Media in the Society

Can you deny the role of media in everyone’s life and society? Media has become part and parcel in the life of every American citizen. The media plays a crucial role in shaping the community as well. 

What is the need for media? 

As we all know, the media influences the life of every citizen of America. However, have we ever thought about the purpose of media? The media provides information about the current news, fashion, the latest developments in technology and on many other events. The media has contributed significantly in marketing and trading goods and products. It also provides knowledge on how people are divided and thus enhances our geographical knowledge.

Impact of Media in the life of Americans

In the American democracy, the media is compelling. It is primarily due to the reason because Americans do not depend on other people or sources for getting their news; they are entirely dependent on the media that provides them with relevant news or information. The media shapes the lives of the Americans and the things they consider to be significant. Politicians and voters know the significance of the media. In the political system of America, the media plays a very vital role because it performs many functions that are crucial to American society. In addition to reporting the news, the media also plays the role of an intermediary between the people and the government. It aids the process of issues required to be discussed and addressed. It helps people to remain actively involved in politics and society. 

News Reporting

The most significant role of the media is reporting the news. The Americans trust the media and the information shared by it. Democracy demands the citizens to be well informed about the things happening around their surroundings, depending on which they can make their voting choices. 

Is the Media Biased?

Some politicians may complain of bias of the media because a lot of power rests in the hands of media. Although this can be true to a certain extent, most of the news stations or the newspapers report true stories and news without being biased.

Different Types of Reporting

Until the early 20th century, most of the media houses were openly biased in America. Many newspapers represented some of the significant political parties. Such journalism is known as Partisan Journalism. Some papers practised Yellow Journalism which is reporting sordid stories with the public to grab the attention of the readers, and that brought a significant rise in the sale of those newspapers. During the end of the 20th century, Objective Reporting, which is also known as detailed reporting, came into place. Objective reporting is the most widely practised journalism in America. However, the journalists are taking an interest and beginning to interpret and analyze the information they share with the public. This practice is known as Interpretive Reporting. 

Different types of Media

The media can of many different types. Print media, Television Media and Cell phones are three significant forms of media. 


Newspapers, books and magazines represent the print media. This media gives us information about different things like movies, music, current affairs and sports events.


This media is like print media. The TV provides 24/7 news, music movies and advertisements. By switching the channel, you may watch the different things that are shown on television. 


The next important media is the radio. Long before the advent of television, the Americans depended on the radio broadcasts to know the news. Although with the advent of other news media, a fewer number of Americans rely on the radio today, however, many people still have the habit of listening to the news on the radios even today, especially during the morning and evening hours. The local news stations have a broad audience due to the fact they can present a report on local traffic, weather and events. 


An increasing number of Americans are turning to the internet to know the news. They have started to rely more on online sources compared to the broadcast and print media. They browse sites like CNN and NBC and read news from online news sources. 

Mobile Phones

Unlike television or print media, people can become updated about the latest news every second with mobile phones. 

Influence of fake news through different Media

Media can have positive and negative effects on the lives of human beings. It has had an impact over a generation since ages, and sometimes fake news might influence American society. Some media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter play a very crucial role in the lives of people. They might also spread fake news which is nothing but misinforming people about something.

As mentioned above, the impact of media in the lives of Americans is immense. In the present daymedia, online media sources are gaining popularity compared to traditional sources such as print and broadcast media. 


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