The Unconscious governs our life - What is the unconscious and how it works


The unconscious was Freud's most important discovery and the most significant contribution to the understanding of the human mind. The power of the unconscious mind is undoubtedly one of the most important scientific discoveries made so far.

In this article, we will explain above all what the unconscious is, what its functions are, and why it governs our life.

What is the unconscious?

More than a hundred years have passed since Sigmund Freud theorized the unconscious considering it part of our psyche unknown to ourselves.

Freud described the unconscious through a very suggestive image. It has compared our psyche to an iceberg, where the portion that emerges from the water corresponds to the conscious part, while the enormous, much more significant, submerged part of the external and visible part is the unconscious part.

The new and incredible revelations of the neurosciences on the functioning of the brain are nothing but the scientific demonstration of Freud's intuitions he had at that time.

The unconscious is that part of the brain where most of the mind's work takes place.

Therefore, to better understand what the unconscious is, we can understand it as a massive archive of automatic skills, the source of our intuitions, and the information processing engine. Our unconscious records everything. Even very fleeting perceptions are preserved in the unconscious mind, also before we can make ourselves aware.

The unconscious mind - What are its functions

The unconscious mind is also the source of all our beliefs and beliefs, of our fears and attitudes that interfere with the unfolding of our daily life.

As Freud had intuited, the unconscious continues to influence our behavior and our experience, even if we are not aware of these underlying influences. So after more than a century from Freud's intuitions, we have the certainty of it today; it is now a fact that our unconscious mind directs our life.

The unconscious is the true power of our minds.

The new and amazing scientific discoveries open up a new perspective on how we can improve incredibly, as long as this can be what drives us to achieve our most important goals in our lives, rather than hindering us as probably happens in many circumstances.

Some cutting-edge molecular biologists have confirmed this concept.

Bruce Lipton, the cell biologist, has researched the human immune system, which has produced amazing results on the molecular nature of awareness and the future of human evolution. Indeed, the new science of epigenetics has shown that our genes are controlled and manipulated by our mind and how it perceives and interprets the stimuli of the environment in which we live.

Can we decide to change our minds?

If in the not so distant times' science believed that our own genes determined our characteristics today, new scientific results show that WE can change many things in our lives, including our health.

And this, simply by changing the way we interpret events and situations that happen to us.

Direct the mind towards positivity

But what is even more surprising is that directing our mind towards positivity allows us to live a healthy life of better quality regardless of the genetic makeup from which we started. A new positive or negative attitude sends new messages to the cells of our body and can effectively reprogram their health and behavior.

You can also change the cellular structure by turning sick cells into healthy cells.

The great role of our unconscious in improving our lives

While on the one hand, there is the conscious mind that guides us in the rational and logical control of events; on the other, there is the unconscious mind that is fundamentally a powerful computer loaded with a database of programmed behaviors.

Most of these we acquired in our childhood and acted automatically. This is why the unconscious mind cannot function outside its fixed programs and automatically reacts to situations with previously-stored behavioral responses.

But the point is that it comes into operation outside our awareness, without the control of the conscious mind.

We generally act in an unconscious manner.

It is not our conscious mind that decides, but the unconscious mind.

It is as if there was a form of intermediate territory that constantly fluctuates between conscious and unconscious. Today, what happens to us happens because our unconscious has been programmed to take us to where we are.

The problem is that it was not planned to take us where we would like.

It has often been programmed to take us in the opposite direction.

Unconscious: The help of psychotherapy

Most forms of psychotherapy aim to bring many of these hidden obstacles into conscious awareness so that we can examine them and decide what to do with them. We can say that our actions are determined by the conscious mind, while the reactions are about the unconscious.

In fact, we are only aware of 5% of our brain's potential.

This means that our cognitive activity is in operation only for 5% or even less during the day. The remaining 95% is unconscious and puts the previously loaded programs into action with its autopilot. Lipton himself states that the unconscious processes information at a speed of 40 million bits per second, while the conscious mind is much slower because it processes data at just 40 bps. This indicates that the unconscious mind is even more powerful than the conscious mind, and it is the unconscious mind that shapes our life.


In conclusion, we can say that the unconscious mind, indeed the programming of the unconscious mind, is the first responsible for the well-being or discomfort of each of us. Through Psychodynamic Individual PsychotherapyUnconscious, we can bring parts of the unconscious to the level of consciousness. The benefits derived from this are considerable and concern the profound structure of the person. Thus we can progressively resolve psychic conflicts at the root and many of the dynamics that bring us great suffering.

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