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Today, students are often found struggling with their assignments. While some find it difficult to write a comprehensive and high-quality essay, others produce a good piece but miss the deadline. Either way, they end up getting a low grade because of the late submission or improper work.

Students are usually so caught up with their school homework that they have no other option than putting off their assignments until the submission day. Have you ever been through a situation when you had to write a 2000 words (or more) essay in 3 hours? Let alone 3 hours, completing an essay in even 24 hours is a hard nut to crack. Of course, you cannot write whatever comes in your mind. After all, it is a school assignment and it must look 100% professionally written.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off the Essay Until The Submission Day?

Your teacher assigns you an essay and requests submission in a week. You get a whole week to collect the necessary sources, purchase color pens and other writing tools, and finally start the writing work. But most of the students put off these essays until tomorrow. And, that tomorrow never comes until the final submission day arrives.

This is your biggest mistake. If you want to write a quality essay and complete it before the deadline, you must start it at least 3 days before the submission date. You don’t want to rush with the essay and end up creating a piece that looks like a 6-year-old kid’s work. To help you complete your assignment work before the submission date, here we have come up with some interesting essay writing tips every student must follow.

- Schedule Your Essay Writing Work

What is that one thing students are really bad at? Time management! Not everyone is able to manage time properly and schedule all their school activities. If you don’t schedule your work, you will never be able to complete it on time.

To organize your school activities and especially the essay assignment, you need to make a schedule. Do you have smartphones? Well, that's a perfect device to create your timetable. You can either use the calendar feature to set dates for assignment completion or use "notes" for a thorough schedule. Depending on the total number of words and time you got, plan the assignment completion by noting down the number of hours you can spend every day on the essay until the submission date.

How much time will it take to complete? What is the deadline? How many days are left until the submission date? What tools do you need to get started with writing? Have you done the research part? These are the questions you must consider before preparing a schedule.

- Your references Must be Handy

Even planning a schedule cannot guarantee that your essay will be completed before the deadline. This is because a student's life has gotten super difficult lately. You have many subjects to study and pay attention to. After making the schedule, the next step is to organize everything.

When you finally start writing the essay, you must have all the references handy. You don't want to run here and there in search of the right books and other references. It not only wastes time but breaks the link. You have to read the previous paragraph to recall what you were writing.

- Set Personal Deadline

“The submission date is 6 days from today. So why do I start writing now? I have 5 days to complete the essay”. Do you think the same way? Well, you never know what’s happening tomorrow. That said, putting off your assignment until a day before the submission is not a good idea.

What if you get a presentation project from your science teacher? What if your math teacher gives you 15 problems to solve? Do you think you'll be able to stick to the timetable and schedule time for essay writing? Certainly, not! You will rather delay the essay assignment.

The point is students must set their own deadlines. For example, if the submission date is 24th September, you must aim to complete the work by 22 September. This way you can submit the work before time and without having to rush at the last minute.

- Keep Your Smartphone Aside

Unless you are using it as a reference to complete the assignment, put it aside and don’t dare open your Facebook account until you complete the work. You can never use Facebook and write a high-quality essay simultaneously.

- Find a Peaceful Environment and Time to Write

You are not going to copy the essay from the Internet. You can use online sources but the essay must look 100% original and informative. To create a flawless and engaging essay, you need to find yourself a peaceful working environment where you can focus properly and write quickly.

Today, many students have a habit of checking their social networking accounts or watching videos while studying. However, this will not work if you are writing an essay.

The meaning of the studying environment may differ for students. While some find group studies the best way of writing informative content, others find it disturbing. The simple strategy is to find a place where you can concentrate well.

- Take Breaks

You don’t have to complete a 2000 words long essay in one sitting. Of course, students can do that! But, you will feel exhausted to write this many words in one go. If you want to be creative and professional with your essay assignment, you must take regular breaks.

For example, you can schedule the essay completion task in four sessions, each comprising 500 words.

Make sure that last-minute essays are not going to help you get good grades. The essay requires research, concentrationessays tips, and a free mind. The right way of completing the essay before the deadline and without comprising its quality is to schedule the writing work. 


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