Top Dissertation Mistakes to Avoid

Top Dissertation Mistakes to Avoid

Writing a dissertation has become one of the crucial assignments in schools and colleges. No matter which institution it is, your professors will assign essay writing projects to improve your writing skills and creativity. Based on the dissertation you have written, the teachers give you a grade. For those who have not written essays or any paper for quite a while, a dissertation might seem an overwhelming job.

Why not? After all, it is not the regular notes but a professional dissertation that needs a lot of research. Everyone makes mistakes, and especially if you are a student. But, if you want to get your professor's attention and a good grade, you must come up with flawless and high-quality content that meets your teacher's expectations. So, how do you do that? Well, here we've compiled a list of mistakes that students are likely to make when writing an essay. Check out these mistakes and find a solution to avoid them. Let's get started.

- Rushing the Essential Front Pages

When you are writing a dissertation, you need to include certain pages in the front. There can be a bunch of pages or as little as the front page and an abstract page only (depends on your university). These pages give the first impression to the readers.

You are wrong if you think no one reads abstract. In fact, people consider going through the front pages to get an idea of your writing potential. Hence, prepare them first.

- Poor Introduction

A dissertation is a lot more than your regular essay. It requires in-depth research and analysis. What’s the first thing any professor or passionate reader considers when reading an article or essay? Professors would like to read your entire essay only if they find your introduction short and engaging.

Your main aim should be to catch the reader's attention. And that's possible when you write an informative and engaging introduction. The readers should draw the following information from your intro:

1. What is the dissertation about?

2. What things have you covered?

A person can determine the quality of the content by its introduction. That's why the first mistake while writing a dissertation is giving a crappy introduction. Do you really think starting your line with traditional and most common sentences can make your scientific paper look appealing? No one wants to read a dissertation that starts with “10 years research has proved that” or “according to the studies”.

- Not Defining Jargon

We all know that a dissertation is a scientific essay and is supposed to be written in a professional tone. But is that information enough to write a brilliant piece? Of course, not! Yet another mistake that has been commonly found in the dissertation is unexplained jargon.

Your professor won’t find it difficult to understand the slangs, special scientific terms, and other abbreviations you use in the copy. But, what about the other readers? Sure, you are writing a dissertation for your school assignment, but it’s your responsibility to make every term as clear as possible.

Avoid using complex words. Even if you use them, write an explanation to help readers understand the term. What if your grandma wants to have a look at the dissertation you have written? She will surely appreciate your efforts, but she won't be able to comprehend the critical terms. You cannot avoid jargon words as science is full of jargon, but you explain them in notes to let readers understand what does that term means? And, why is it used in the paper?

- Long Sentences

Ask any writer, and they will tell you how they use short sentence strategies to keep the engagement of their readers. You must also aim to write a dissertation with short and well-structured sentences.

No one is perfect in grammar. Everyone makes mistake, especially beginners who don’t know where the next sentence starts and how to end a sentence properly. Try to write short sentences and get them checked by a professional to ensure that they are framed properly. The longer the sentences are, the more errors it has. For example, students often miss clauses and punctuations while writing a long sentence. Hence, you should keep the length either short or medium i.e. one or two lines sentence.

- Copied Work

You take your friends' dissertation and capture its pictures on your smartphone. You don't copy the entire content but rewrite it in your own words. Do you think that's fair? For those who don't know, even rewriting is considered as content plagiarization. This is because both copying content from word to word and rewriting it i.e. changing the wordings are considered plagiarization. No one has the right to copy someone else’s idea.

But as you are writing a dissertation, you will need to take references and use statistics to prove facts accurately. And, when you attempt to do that, you copy their figures into your notebook. Well, fret not! We know the easiest way of avoiding plagiarism issues from your work. Take note of all the references you have used to create the dissertation and cite them at the bottom of each page. This will give the content rights to its actual owner.

- Uninteresting Essay

If you are not already aware of the dissertation writing rules, you must conduct quick research and get yourself familiar with the right ways of writing it. The dissertation is not your regular essay, where you can write about anything that comes in your head. It is all about research and writing.

It is a form of academic writing with certain rules. For example, you cannot use the first or second person in the paper. Furthermore, you have to mention the exact time and place of every event rather than using words like afterward, then, before, and in addition. The dissertation is a research paper. You should conduct proper research before writing. FurthermoreTop Dissertation Mistakes to Avoid, it is important to cite all the sources you have taken the reference from in order to avoid confusion.


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