Top Important Qualities of an Analytic Essay

Analytic Essay

As the name quite suggests, the analytic essay is not that easy how it seems. In fact, it can be super challenging for those who have never written an academic essay before. When you get the analytic essay assignment from your professor, you only get to know that it’s “analysis of the text”.

But the question is what are you supposed to analyze? The analytic essay is known for improving your thinking and writing skills. Basically, you are asked to read and understand a literary subject thoroughly. The literary work can be anything – from novel to a poem to the story. Here, are some top qualities of a professionally written analytic essay:

1. Proper Structure

No matter which type of essay you are writing, it should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. These are the most crucial elements of any essay. Similarly, you have to write the analytic essay with a proper introduction, body, and a short conclusion.

Make sure that the thesis statement has to be introduced in the introduction part itself. Apart from the thesis statement, you must name the author as well as the title. Once you have written the introduction, you can start writing the main body, where you have to elaborate on the topic. It is imperative to know that the body of an analytic essay features at least 3 paragraphs that support your thesis statement. The paragraphs have a specific structure. As it is an academic writing work, you have to follow the 4 listed points while writing paragraphs. Here are they:

- The first line of the paragraph should start with the topic sentence that should be in accordance with the thesis statement. Make sure that each topic sentence should relate to the thesis statement.

- The evidence that supports the topic sentence. You can take the evidence from the book.

- A proper commentary

- Write a proper conclusion at the end of each paragraph.

Each paragraph in your analytic essay must follow this format. Additionally, the topic sentence of each paragraph should follow the central theme i.e. the thesis statement.

2. Wow Your Readers with the Intro

Do you know what the best part of the analytic essay is? Even though it has to be written in a specific format and professional tone, you can use humor and funny extracts to keep the engagement of your readers.

For example, choose interesting stories, researched facts, a conversation between two characters from the literary work, and something that tells the historical details.

Writing an introduction isn't that difficult. All you need to do is write a thesis statement and add the necessary details of what your readers will find in the essay. But make sure that the introductory paragraph you write should be as engaging as possible. It is where your readers decide if the analytic essay is strong and well-researched and should they continue reading it.

3. Your Thesis Statement Should Be Strong

An analytic essay is all about the thesis statement. You have to bring evidence into the light and use literary devices to prove your thesis statement. So, don't you think it is important to choose a statement that stands out?

All types of academic essays have a central theme on which the entire essay is based on. The writers have to present this central idea right in the introduction as a thesis statement. A good thesis statement is the one that does not reveal the entire content of your essay but points out the main sections that you are going to explore. Let's say; you get a chance to choose between one out of the A and B statements. The statement reads as follows:

A: Consuming a considerable amount of alcohol is injurious to your health.

B: Consumption of excessive alcohol has adverse impacts on your health, such as heart issues, overweight problems, obesity, and liver complications.

Well, statement B seems well explained. The writer hasn't written all the information that readers will get to read in the essay but the brief intro of what all factors have the writer explored. Besides, a good thesis statement always catches the attention of the readers with its powerful and engaging words.

4. Include Powerful Evidence

Writing effective comments and your opinions in the essay paper may not prove sufficient. You definitely have to prove all the mentioned facts with strong evidence from the book. If you want your audience to understand the central theme and the thesis statement thoroughly, you must write proper evidence. It can be in the form of quotations, summary, phrase, and anything as long as it proves the given comment.

5. Don't Use Complicated Words

A lot of students stuff complicated words in the research paper to make it look professionally written work. Sometimes, these words don't even imply the same meaning as original words. Furthermore, you are writing an analytic essay for your audience. Unless they are professors and literature students, there is no point in using critical words that your readers cannot understand. But as the analytic essay is the academic assignment, you can use a few terminologies and jargons such as protagonist, metaphor, and etc.

If you are using jargon, try to explain its meaning in the notes to help readers understand why the specific word is used in the content. Your job is to make it easier for your readers to understand your work.

6. Always Check for Grammar Errors

Even professional writers are likely to make grammar errors. So, what’s the best way of ensuring that your analytic essay is free of punctuation, spelling, and other such grammar mistakes?

Well, you must proofread the work after completion. If you are still not certain, use online grammar checking tools such as Grammarly and Ginger to rectify these errors. FurthermoreAnalytic Essay, the readability of the work also matters. So why not use the Hemmingway app online and improve your readability score?

These were the basic qualities of a well-written analytic essay. Follow the given format for writing this research paper. Good Luck!


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