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Many students and professionals get confused when it comes to learning a fourth language. German is their first choice, but questions abound like ‘why should I learn German?’. With millions of German speakers around the world, the number of people showing interest in learning German is increasing every day. There are so many reasons why you should learn German. In this article, we have mentioned a few of them.

1. If you write a blog, you’ll get to connect to a whole new audience

If you write a blog and have been worried about the size of your audience, learning German can be a great idea. This is because, if you learn German, you will be able to write the blog in that language. German-speaking people have a strong presence on the Internet. So, you have a whole new Internet waiting to be discovered if you use the German language in writing your blogs. 

2. You can get free education in Germany

You need to prove your proficiency in German to get admission into any university in Germany. There is no tuition fee in many German universities. But that doesn’t mean that they are sacrificing the quality of education. Several German universities remain among the top 100 universities in the world. 

3. Germany is the largest business partner in the US. You will have an immense scope of doing business overseas if you learn German. It is always a good thing to know the native language of your business partners. It will give you an edge over others in the business and make you more competitive. It will also strengthen your business opportunities. 

4. It is easy for English-speaking people to learn German

Both the languages - German and English belong to the same family of languages. Therefore, learning German is easy for English-speaking people. Many words are common to both these languages. Some of these common words are kindergarten and angst. Over the years, English has been influenced by other languages like French, Spanish, Greek, and Latin. If you talk of English as it existed initially, you will see that English resembles German in so many aspects. When you start learning German, you will see that knowing English can be of advantage to you.

5. German is the most spoken language in Europe

Reports suggest that German is the eleventh most spoken language in the world. This is also one of the reasons why most people prefer to learn German as their third language as compared to others. 

6. Germany is one of the biggest economies in the world

Germany is one of the biggest economies in the world. This means that there are a lot of corporations and export companies in Germany. This allows you to find good jobs in the country. But if you want to work in Germany, you will have to be proficient in German. If you have German interpersonal skills on your CV, it’ll be a great boost to your profile, and it can help your career in so many ways. Knowing German can open up new opportunities for you and make you a perfect fit for several MNCs. It can get you noticed from among a plethora of resumes and applications.

7. German cities are hotspots for innovation and startups

German cities are great for living. They are known for their lavish and stylish lifestyle. The cost of living in German cities is low as compared to the other cities in Europe like Paris. Also, this low cost of living doesn’t affect the quality of life there. This is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs prefer living in Germany and start a business there. If you have an idea that can turn into a great business, Germany is the place for you. You can turn your dreams into reality here. But you need to learn the German language for this.

8. German is the most important language for scientists

Thanks to some of the great scientists, German was once proposed to be the language of Science. Some of the great works by award-winning scientists have originally been published in German. If you want to do more research in Science and you know German, you will at an edge over others. This is because most of the journals have originally been published in this language. Knowing the language will also make it easy for you to understand the work of eminent scientists. 

9. You will get a new way to connect with the world and travel

Wherever you go, you will find the Germans there. So, if you are a fan of traveling, German is the language for you. It will give you the advantage of connecting with people in new places. When you travel abroad, you can easily talk to people if you know German. You will also be able to make new friends. 

10. You can enjoy German cuisine in a different way

If you know German, you will feel like a local when you visit any German restaurant. It will make it easy for you to understand their cuisine in local terms. Also, you will get to learn a lot about German culture if you know the language. 

11. Majority of the books in the world are written in German

Some of the greatest thinkers in the world have been from Germany. If you want to enjoy their original work, you should learn the German language. There’s something wonderful about reading the original work. When any book is translated, it loses the essence. So if you want to explore and discover the world of books, you should learn German.

Apart from all of this, there can be countless other reasons why you should learn German. It is a beautiful language and can help you in so many different ways. From education to careerGerman studies, knowing German can expand your horizons a lot. So are you now convinced to learn German? Or are you looking for more reasons?

Let us know why you want to learn the language.


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