Understanding art and culture

art and culture

Art in the broadest definition of the term encompasses a wide variety of expressions for various creative and imaginative endeavors. Art has various subdivisions andvisual, performance and literary being the main ones. For as long as possible, humans and their ancestors have been creating art in the form of cave paintings and drawings, and also in terms of crafting hunting tools and jewelry, amongst a large variety. Art is considered to be the creative expression of the society as well as an individual.


The origination of the word culture is derived from Latin, meaning “cultivate, inhabit or honor” Culture of a region or a country may be defined as the social behavior of a set of individuals, originating in the same geographic location; there are set parameters for normalcy, that can include beliefs, laws, customs, food habits, capabilities as a community and lastly knowledge that is handed down through the generations.

It is safe to say that culture is the biggest influencer in terms of behavioral patterns and mannerisms. In America, cultural influences are multicultural. The United States has been shaped, by years of multicultural influences, like Native American, African, Polynesian to name a few. The country of ethnically and racially diverse and cultural learning of an individual is based on the social learning process through enculturation and socialization.

Transition of Civilization

The theory of transition of civilization states that American culture is an extension of western European culture, considering artists, authors and musicians mostly migrated to the United States. Some influences come with more or less regrettable tactics and methods inherent to American society and culture.

When speaking in regard to the cultural effects of socio-economic groups in the urban population in the country, one must admit, that economic stability is the key to a strong cultural base in the urban population. Economic standing in a society is the biggest influencer for cultural heritage as well as art.

A few good examples of urban arts in the US are The Mission District in San Francisco, Her Secret is Patience” by American artist Janet Echelman has been awarded the Best Public Art in the Civic Space Park in Arizona.

Public art is a form of cultural expression in the urban regions of the country. Also, regional influencesvariate in different locations, and the expression of the artist will depend on these variations in culture.Public art is a form of the cultural, aesthetic and creative revitalization of the urban spacesart and culture, that is created using the fundamental learnings of culturalheritage.


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