What are the leading non-STEM Majors?


When it comes to choosing a career, nobody can stop themselves from bragging about STEM Majors for all the right reasons. STEM Majors lead to the best high paid jobs along with vacancies in some of the top places. But, it is not that every student has an interest and eager to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is a known fact that STEM Graduates are in demand more than every word of the same is correct. And, it certainly does not mean that non-STEM Major students cannot land themselves with high paying jobs with perks. 

- On average, a STEM Graduate does earn more than a non-STEM Graduate, but a degree in the field of STEM, it does not guarantee you a successful career. Research proves that 

- 36% of the students who have a STEM Degree do not secure any roles.

- 50% of the STEM Graduates are already working in non-STEM related job roles.

- 31% of the candidates who graduate with STEM Degrees change to choosing jobs in non-STEM related fields. 

- 29% of the STEM candidates claimed that there weren’t any significant job opportunities.

There are many job opportunities and careers that one can pursue without having to choose the STEM Majors like becoming a doctor, engineering, or scientist. All the following sectors offer jobs and opportunities which allow you to land a high paying salaried job, even if you are not a STEM Graduate. 

Business Development, Client Management, and Sales

Every company involved in selling goods or providing services requires a sales team and a team that is responsible for developing the business. Sales is the most pertinent factor of a company, as, without the minimum sales, there is no business to run. Except for companies that manufacture highly technical products, every company is needed for salespeople, who can tend to potential customers and turn them into paying customers. The field of sales is all about managing relationships, having the confidence of taking high risks, being a people person, having to find your comfortability while connecting with them and understanding them to help them solve their issues. Other than your communication skills, the field of Sales requires no other technical skills. Your ability to connect is the only thing that will drive results; no other skill set matters. 

Customer Service and Support (Including Service Related to Healthcare Industries)

Just like every company needs sales and business development teams, in the same manner, the company requires a team that will take care of existing customers while providing support to all the customers, new and old. The secret to every successful business is an excellent customer care service team, and this includes the Healthcare Industries and hospitality. And, very similar to sales and business development, customer service and support also does not require any technical skillset. Only your communication skills must be excellent. Customer care is also about communicating with the customers, understanding their problems, and coming up with a solution to address the customer, especially when in distress. Therefore most of the top service organizations have senior executives from the customer service sector. 

Real Estate

If you are someone who enjoys mingling with law and finances together, then surely, the real estate market is for you. Consider getting your majors in Real Estate if you enjoy seeing houses while working with a bit of the both, law and finances. Even though a real estate agent comes to mind whenever one hears about real estate, the real estate industry is a massive industry with various opportunities in appraisals, insurance sales, and financial services. Salaries may vary depending on the field that you choose, but be sure that a candidate with a degree in real estate earns an average of $44,500 in the beginning. 

International Relations and National Security 

If International boundaries, trade, travel, diplomacy, culture, foreign policies, global politics, and matters of national security interest you, then this is your ideal career path to move forward. A student with a degree in International Relations and National security also has added perks and privileges along with their job packages. Candidates who major in this particular field find themselves working for sectors in public and private organizations, even as a teacher, professor or even in the military area. 

Marketing and PR 

For a successful career in Marketing, you must have an eye to select customers to engage with them, along with establishing a level of comfortability with creativity. Marketing and PR are one of the most successful career opportunities which do not require a STEM degree. Today, where everything is on the web, there is a new field, the growth of digital marketing and media, which requires candidates to be comfortable with analytics, data, and various digital channels. All these do not demand that the student must pursue a degree in STEM.

Teacher or counselor 

One of the most pleasurable and fulfilling jobs that are out there with good pay is the job of a counselor and a teacher. If you love working with children and guiding students to choose the right career path while helping them with their growth and development, then it is how you make your mark; as a teacher or a counselor. No matter how advanced the world of science and technology become, the people all over will always need teachers, mentors, and guides to help them follow their path and emerge victorious in the same. And if you happen to be an excellent teacher or a counselor, you have the opportunity to earn as well. 


If tunes rule your day, then music is what you should be betting your money on always. Find work in musical production houses as a songwriter, singer, musician, music director, or open your studio; you have endless opportunities to explore in the field of music. Students who major in music also have the chance to become music teachers in public and private sectors, respectively. As a creative professionalnon-STEM, you can also find job opportunities in other fields.


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