What is a multicultural education essay?

multicultural education essay

The modern world is brimming with people belonging from different cultures and countries. It has become quite important the individuals residing from a particular group learn about the cultures and norms of other groups to obtain a global harmony. Since the time of colonization, people have experienced unequal behaviors and various prejudices based on their cultures and races. Previously different cultures were deemed to be superior to some others. This essentially created a master-slave relationship that constituted an unhealthy hierarchy. However, the modern world is evolving, and the barriers of different cultures are slowly crumbling. People are getting interested in other cultures and trying to understand how those cultures work. 

The consideration of multiculturalism as a part of learning had been started since the 1960’s revolutions. The definition of culture, according to Richard Garguilo, is ‘the values, attitudes, norms, belief systems, & traditions that are shared by a given group of individuals who collectively develop their heritage.’ This implies that the culture of a group consists of various factors. The culture of a learner will be affected by the way he perceives the world around him. The culture of a student will be influenced by the way he experiences, considers, feels, and behaves in the classroom. On the other hand, the culture of an individual man will be reflected by his speech, dress, manners, and various other factors like food habits and choice of designs. Culture thus can be said to be defined by the various distinctiveness and points of view of any particular group of people. 

An Insight Into the Multicultural Education Essay Format

Multicultural education refers to the use of different strategies to educate and reach students who belong to various cultural backgrounds. These methods have been developed in order to help instructors and teachers so that they can provide better responses to the variety of demographics of the classroom. One of the critical benefits of multicultural education is that students belonging to different cultures and backgrounds are taught differently, and due to this diverse way of teaching, the outcome is successful. Multicultural education can be seen as a kind of strategy of learning that deals with all sorts of concepts like race, ethnicity, language, origin, and create an effective technique of teaching where the individuality of every student is encouraged rather than being shamed. 

Multicultural education generally addresses the various bias and differences of various cultures by providing the same kind of opportunities of education for every type of student, irrespective of their culture and heritage. The main goals of multicultural education are educational fairness, cultural pluralism, cross-cultural competency, particular relation, social reconstruction, and inclusion of studies related to global issues and ethnic groups. In the USA, multicultural education focuses on enlightening the students in a way so that they get to know about the origins of different cultures and races. Multicultural education also works towards showing the positive side of each kind of culture in order to include it in an educational environment. Such an approach will make sure that there is no bias while providing education to students belonging to different kinds of cultures. As a teacher, it is essential to understand that one should not get angry or disappointed if a particular action does not reflect the same result as expected. The teacher should also have the understanding that various comments on different cultures will affect the students belonging from different cultures in different ways. He thus needs to be sensitive to the content he will be teaching in a multicultural class. 

A multicultural essay incorporates such factors as the differences between various cultures and what makes them all different. A multicultural essay also discusses how the concept of multicultural came into being and how it has affected society. An essay on multiculture should necessarily give the details of certain particular cultures that have broken their barriers and are now working towards knowing each other. It also traces towards how gradually the entire world is accepting the concept of multicultre and working towards making the earth one large village. A multicultural essay also focuses on classrooms that hold students belonging from different cultures and how one should deal with them. In simpler terms, when you are writing a multicultural essay, you need to be well aware of various cultures that have come together through the evolution of time. 

Robert Slavin mentioned that one of the best ways in which multicultural education can work is by making the students belonging from different cultures respectful and sensitive to other cultures. The teacher should also be unbiased to any particular culture when he is teaching in a multicultural class. It is also essential for the teacher to have a basic understanding of the background of each type of cultural belonging in the class to refrain from making any comment on any of the cultures that might appear sensitive to the students belonging from that particular culture. 

The teaching module and syllabus in a multicultural class should focus on the positive side of all cultural groups. It should not stereotype any particular kind of culture in a specific role. It is essential that the course module helps to see all sorts of ethnic groups belonging to the class in a positive light. This would help the students to become friendly to each other and respect the multicultural dimension in the real sense of the term. Racial prejudice and discrimination should be a strict no in a multicultural classroom, and neither the teacher nor any of the students should indulge in it. If the teacher notices any student engaging in such an activity, he should be immediately reported to ensure that the class harmony is maintained. 

Thusmulticultural education essay, a multicultural essay helps us in a better understanding of the concept of multiculture and how it works in a modern world. A well written multicultural essay will establish the essence of multiculture in educational classrooms and also in our everyday society as well and provide us ways through which we can become the better preservers of the growing understanding of multiculture. 


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