What is Exosome Therapy?

Exosome Therapy

The minuscule vesicles generated by cells are mainly found available in body fluids. However, the critical role is to allow communication among cells without facilitating any direct communication. Information or signals that the cells hold are carried in this fashion. Exosomes provide an abundance of lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Exosomes could either be produced by the patient’s own tissues or from laboratories under careful regulation. Laboratories that are controlled by clinics should always be screened and certified safe for the purpose.

Additionally, how much individualization should be necessitated is also taken care of by the doctor. From knee osteoarthritis to skin repairing, the usefulness of exosome therapy is unquestionable. Extensive research has been carried in this domain which has shown the pertinence of well-engineered process of exosomes therapy in delivering eNAMPT to the body

The relevance of exosome therapy today

Exosome therapy is prevalent for repairing sun damage and maintain the quality of skin that might have been damaged by sun and pollution. The primary aim is to aid in exosomes production artificially by allowing the skin cells to replicate in a 3D media and contribute to the formation of more efficient exosomes that could have been otherwise produced. Therapists have experienced a considerable change in the thickness of skin and quantity of collagen produced in the surface once the patient has undergone the treatment. Collagen supplied the plump and healthy glow to the skin and reduced the visibility of ageing. Other immediate benefits-improved skin elasticity and moisture content that provides a fresh and vivacious look to the skin. Application of this therapy is broad and could benefit patients who are suffering from degenerative joint ailments, Lyme diseases, autoimmune pathology, and inflammations. Consider having a brief overview of the overall benefits of exosome therapy in the 21st century

As an antidote to ageing 

Besides, exosomes have tremendous potential to slow down ageing and orthopaedic injuries since they contain massive amounts of protein and nucleotides. The exosomes are reproduced by nurturing stem cells in a liquid and afterwards, the stem cells are separated from the media or liquid. Besides therapy, exosome concentrated products are also available for sale for specific usages by medical professionals. 

Application of therapy after stroke 

The restorative therapy abides by a holistic approach in different aspects and sometimes is advised following a stroke since exosomes retain the power to regenerate communication and eliminate the consequences to brain injury. As per research studies, exosomes accentuate the benefits of therapy that are usually done after major neurological injuries and damages. The treatment has been long used to treat neuroinflammatory diseases that develop regenerative power of the nervous system following a stroke and generates synaptic plasticity. 

Why is therapy useful?

The therapy is generally administered through IV push and has gained substantial critical acclamation globally. The quantity of dose administrated is dependent on each patient, and the condition the individual is suffering. Approximately, a single treatment might consume up to 15 billion exosomes. In many cases, doctors decide to combine frequency therapy with exosomes while targeting a specific area of the body. The downtime of recovery is less and patients are not required to spend days in the clinic.

Additionally, the consequent side effects of the therapy are also hardly reported.

Nonetheless, patients can witness mild fever, headache, and nausea, which would not prolong beyond a span of 24 hours. Availability of doctors makes sure that patients suffer from minimum discomfiture and are supervised periodically. However, there are a few rules that doctors recommend adhering to following exosomes therapy-

- Avoiding cardio workouts till 3-4 weeks of the treatment

- Staying at a distance from laborious activities for at least 24-48 hours 

- No intake of anti-inflammatory medication or pills without prior consultation with a doctor.

Reputed clinics and professionals have started to market the wellness of exosomes therapy to clients and conduct workshops for the same. 

Owing to the reason that the therapy has shown zero risks of potential hazards from the immune system since exosomes are not cells from an external source or another body. The universality of their nature implies that there is hardly any necessity of patient matching. Another primary reason why the therapy has been globally accepted is perhaps because of its minimum invasion. The small amount of exosomes that are injected into the patient does not require a large incision that could interrupt the patient’s daily schedule. The amount is made to penetrate into the skin by application of pressure and is therefore obtained by many who tend to avoid the sight of needles. 

Choose the best clinic for exosomes therapy:

Choosing a professionally reputed clinic is a must to attain the best of exosomes therapy. Here are a few things to keep in consideration whenever choosing for the holistic and regenerative process for wellbeing. 

- Certificates and credentials- It is imperative to have a severe glance through the licenses and documents of the clinic that would in itself vouch for the reliability of professionals. Asking for recommendations and tips from eminent medical personalities could also be productive in contacting the right clinic. If the clinic has sufficient resources, it can guide in the pre and post exosomes therapy process. Patients could quickly expect for a thorough recovery and resume back to work at the earliest. 

- Testimonials- client feedback remains an essential yardstick to gauge the efficiency of a clinic in dispensing the treatment. Since a thorough physical evaluation is performed to speculate possibilities of future complications, only well-established clinics could afford a complete inspection on the patient to determine the extent of which the therapy would be productive on the patient. Make sure the website is updated and furnished with detailed photos and information that would guide you in the decision making process. 

Although the therapy is replete with benefits, it is mandatory to note that sticking to the correct procedure of the treatment could mitigate long-term risks and complications. Compared to the available alternatives of exosomes therapy such as stem cellsExosome Therapy, the patient could expect no further physical anomalies.


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