What qualities make a creative writer?

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Creative writing is a coming of the age profession though it has been prevalent for a very long time. With the Internet coming in, every single industry now demands writers who have the right skills and knowledge to jot down pieces about their brand and bring it out to the people. As a writer, you need to find out your style and writing and feel free to experiment with different forms of writing.

Here are the qualities of a creative writer that you should know about:

Desire to Write

The prime quality that makes a writer is the desire to write. Writing requires dedication, and you want to put something to work, you will need to develop a love for writing. Writing might not seem to be easy for everyone, and if you are someone who does not want to do it, then you would not enjoy the process and put in the much-needed work to develop your craft and constantly evolve yourself as a writer. As a writer, you need to be disciplined and committed towards your work, and if you do not want to write, then that would certainly be impossible to stay a step ahead.

Vivid Imagination

Good creative writers have a vivid imagination and should be afraid of putting their dreams on a piece of paper. They should seek answers to some difficult questions and also should be guided by what if? You certainly don’t need to be magical or mystical and should be able to able to deliver multiple versions of a mundane dilemma. Writers seem to look out for inspiration everywhere, and they should find something interesting at a different point in time. You should also carry a notebook with you, and write down the things that you are going to see or hear. This would spark ideas in you throughout the day. To get some great lines, you should jot down interesting scenes or conversations or dialogues that you here on a daily basis.

A sound vocabulary

A writer loves his/her words, and that shows in the vocabulary that they use. Creative writing involves the weaving out lines out of words effectively. Words make a story and can prove effective in taking people to a completely different world altogether. You need to learn the difference between words and connotations and should be able to use them. Choosing your words is extremely important, and you can prove to be an important contributor so that you can paint a perfect of the same in your mind. You should continuously develop your vocabulary and experiment with the words to come up with something fresh and interesting.


If you are someone who keeps on dreaming about writing but has never have tried to put your thoughts on paper, then you are certainly on the wrong path. Avoid giving excuses and rather start working on the spelling, handwriting, and other things that you think are bogging you down.

Creative writing is an ongoing process and requires regular practice in order to get perfect with it. You should just start writing the stories that you want to tell the people.

Writing pieces do not get popular until they are written down, which is why it is important to express yourself and bring your ideas to the paper. You should dedicate time to writing if you want to be a writer. Moreover, you should devote yourself to the craft, and the writing schedule every single day. Even if you tend to write a few words every day or a few pages, just start with it. With time, you will start developing pace and write documents at length.

There is even a time when you face a creative block, but that should not deter you from making progress. During such times, refer to a written piece and try to jot down your thoughts that you feel about the topic. Stay disciplined, and you are surely going to get better of your written piece.

Ability to face rejection

Creative writing is a form of self-expression, and it requires you to put out your heart and soul onto the paper. However, you will need to get feedback from others, and at times it is not going to be great. In case you are planning to write professionally, you should develop a thick skin and be ready to accept the feedback and the criticism that follows. You should prepare to hear all kinds of comments, whether good or worse, and rather indulge in constructive criticism.

Along with this, you also need to face rejection at times but hold on to something that you believe in. For instance, even J.K. Rowling had to face rejection at least 12 times before the book was finally taken to be published. So, as a creative writer, you will need to know that their will be ups and downs, but you will need to stick to your writing and never leave it. Instead of feeling bad about something, you should rather start pushing yourself to do better, be optimistic, and come up with something unique and interesting.

A Love of Reading

One of the favorite things that writers seem to be doing in their spare time is to read, read, and more reading. You need to be a voracious reader in order to develop your writing skills. This would help in introducing you to different writing styles and find your voice in the process. Reading other people's work gives you insights into the creative writing process, and that is what makes writing compelling. You will learn about words, structures, tone, and style which you can use in your writing piece. You also gain exposure to different styles of writing and can pick up techniques in order to create characters and worlds that seem to be your own.

Hope you are now aware of the different qualities that are necessary for a creative writercreative writer, and you should pursue these qualities diligently in order to become a better writer each day.


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